Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: November 1 to 14, 2023

Aries: While examining your finances, you discover what really brings you joy and what you won’t give up – no matter what the cost. Certain activities feed your soul and are worth the cost and effort to continue with these joyful people, things, and events in your life. You will manage your finances well and continue to enjoy what you love.

Taurus: Intense people and intense relationships wear you out. You are about to ditch a lot of people who take up too much of your energy. Your peace and well being are paramount and those relationships that don’t stand the test of time, well, you did not need them anyway. The silver lining is that you begin to do the things you love and find enjoyment again.

Gemini: What’s hidden bubbles to the surface. Nothing scandalous, but something you have buried deep within yourself. Now is the time to talk about it, act upon it, or simply consider it and let it gel in your conscious mind. For you, conversation and the exchange of ideas always works and helps you to move on and evolve.

Cancer: Something surfaces that raises questions about your companions, what you enjoy, and whether or not it is good for you. Conversations with a helpful female or ideas from the feminine perspective helps you clarify your feelings. Through all of this, you continue to have an active social life with friends and enjoy all that you do.

Leo: As you consider your life’s directions you successfully maintain the balance between home, family, and your public life. Your reputation is good at this time. Someone close to you stirs things up, creating a bit of a controversy. You’re feeling aggravated at this time but will manage to get through this without biting someone’s head off.

Virgo: You’re a busy bee – both physically and mentally active. A new course of study or a trip may be in the offing. Something outside your usual routine. Cultural activities appeal to you, museums, art galleries, and anything that takes you outside the ordinary. You attract people and social events now. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

Libra: Hidden needs, things you didn’t even know were missing in your life, enter your awareness. Whether it be a person, material goods, or simply new ideas, you begin to act upon these new found realities and in the way of things may make new friends and drift away from others. It is all towards good. Surprise on the financial end keeps you thinking.

Scorpio: Seems like people are coming at you from all sides. You’re hearing every viewpoint as folks have a lot to say. You have plenty of energy on your side and are ready to use it. You can disagree with people and still maintain cordial relations. But you are not going to roll over and play dead. A practical friend brings clarity and truth to all matters.

Sagittarius: Colleagues and other acquaintances feel the need to confide in you. You do not really want to be privy to their secrets but you lend a sympathetic ear. While you lend a helping hand where you can you receive some favorable reviews from one in authority. You have your own secrets which you prefer to keep secret for the time being. Innovation and new methods keep your workday world running smoothly.

Capricorn: Friendships, love affairs, and like-minded individuals allow you the opportunity to enjoy the things you love. No matter your age, you feel like a kid again and experience delight in the most mundane activities. You have some serious conversations that bring you new information that serves you well.

Aquarius: There’s a lot of activity around your public life, work, and reputation. You juggle all this attention maintaining a balance between what is personal and what is not. You love the attention but want to maintain some privacy. After indulging in some extravagance, you need to button down the budget when the financial issues hit home.

Pisces: November opens with a lot of activity in your life. You run around town, meeting, greeting, and conversing with all in your circle. Some conversations are really pleasant and offer you some fresh ideas and open doors for you. You dream big but have your feet on the ground keeping practical matters in the forefront of your plans.