Lunar Notes

Fall Frenzy: Lunar Notes, November 2021

November’s New Moon sets the stage for a turbulent month with Sun and Moon tangling with Mr. Surprise, Uranus. Mars is ready to stir an already bubbling pot. Expect the fireworks to begin mid-month. Frenzy is the word at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 19th. The banshees are wailing.

Aries: Money and debt, not so much about worries in that area but simply to get a handle on things and to know where you are going. You’re figuring out what motivates you into thinking you absolutely need that “thing”, when you know you can easily live with out it. You get good reviews from authority figures and might get a raise.

Taurus: The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in your sign this month signals some changes in relationships. You might be getting some contentious arguments from others. You can be stubborn, but so can other people. Figure out a way to move forward. Both sides have to give a little. Try to keep emotions at a manageable level.

Gemini: Time for a change, new routines, new routes, and new ideas. Something is happening beneath the surface. Some new ideas bubble up from deep within you. Not one for big emotions, you are quick to snag onto random thoughts, catch them and make use of the good ones. Continue to do that as it will improve your life.

Cancer: The question is: What brings you joy? What is it that you do simply for the fun of it? Whatever it is, you will be doing more of it during this period. Change is in the air, so get your priorities straight. This could involve friendships and shared interests. Some things begin to bore you now and you’re looking for something new.

Leo: Coming from your base instinct, comfort zone you consider your involvements both personal and professional. A totally unexpected event may change your direction and/or your thinking about people and situations in your life. This offers you a fresh perspective on many of the issues you are facing.

Virgo: Busy making plans for trips, classes, courses and anything else you enjoy and will expand your thinking and your world. Usually with you it is the details but you are taking a step back trying to see the big picture. Your routine is routine, but even in that area things are opening up. Keep your eye on the stars and your feet on the ground.

Libra: Money, shared interests and shared resources land on the table this month. An unexpected bill or financial windfall lands on your lap. It could go either way. Taxes, insurance and all that dull stuff need to be dealt with. On the light side some home entertainment fills the gaps and brings you some much needed down time.

Scorpio: With the New Moon in Scorpio and interesting period begins. Expect surprises, quirky people and quirky events. Mars, your ruler, in your sign pumps you up for action. You will take no crap from anyone. You can get angry these days, remember to take a deep breath and tone it down a bit.

Sagittarius: Some secret and hidden stuff is about to come bubbling up to the surface. It is tough to say who is going to be most shocked you or the people in your life. Upsets in the daily routine force you to readjust your thinking, your values and how you get things done. By month end you’re ready to settle but events may prevent that.

Capricorn: Venus in your sign should lighten things up a bit. You’ll be connecting with groups and associations that you belong to as well as hanging out with friends. The Full Moon gets your creative juices flowing. Some surprise in store for you involving children, lovers or friends. Keep your eye on the budget.

Aquarius: You get noticed during this period no matter what you do. You may wish to stay behind the scenes but that is not going to happen. You will find that life is full of surprises, from malfunctioning appliances to unexpected behavior within your circle. Someone may wish to pick an argument with you. Be diplomatic.

Pisces: While you dream of far away places and make plans for the future, the present situation is real and needs to be dealt with. This does not mean anything disastrous but simply the everyday nuts and bolts of life. Think of taking care of business as a step to those far away places or to where you wish to go and to be in the future.