Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: October 1 to 14, 2023

Aries: You may be trying to keep the peace but others seem to relish arguing with you. Not one to back down, you give it right back to them. In some areas of your life peace and love prevail. There are some lovely people and events on your calendar. One in particular may become more than platonic. Someone keeps the conversational ball rolling.

Taurus: Despite all the disruption your work ethic rules the day. You manage to accomplish all the necessary tasks. An old friend provides some sound advice, practical as well as spiritual. You feel like spiffing up your home space, adding a spark of color here and there. Color coordination is the key. For some reason, this soothes you.

Gemini: Love, romance, and all the fun stuff comes your way. You have pleasant visits, conversations, and mingle with congenial folks. This does not mean that authority figures will allow you to neglect your responsibilities, they’ll just be nice about it. Nevertheless, duty calls. You’re a genius at juggling multitasks so this is all a piece of cake for you.

Cancer: The old saying “Home is where the heart is” holds true for you now. You stick close to your home base, spending your energy and time around the house. Conversations with housemates, family, and neighbors go a long way in keeping the peace and enhancing friendships. Some new and exciting people enter your life.

Leo: Appointments, engagements, and all types of social gatherings keep you busy. Most of this is pleasant although there are a few thorns in your side. You manage to shake off any negativity. You’re too busy to dwell on anything for too long. Events beyond your control rattle your world. Realize what you can fix or change and what is not your responsibility.

Virgo: Some money matters need your attention. You’re alert to all the details and nuances of these finances and can make an informed decision with confidence. Some serious conversations are taking place with some significant others in your life. You have the knowledge and all the facts. They can’t beat you when it comes to correct information. Use it!

Libra: Certain situations have boiled over and created some unpleasantness. You don’t like unpleasantness. You’re able to smooth things over while still getting what you want. How do you do that? Some fun stuff with your friends comes your way. This is just what you need now. These friends introduce you to new friends so your circle expands.

Scorpio: While much goes on beneath the surface with you, a great deal is happening out in the open. Not anything that you can’t handle. You seem to be subject to crazy opinions and crazy people. They may not be crazy, just different from anyone you have encountered before. Fortunately, not all your interactions are unpleasant. Enjoy the pleasant when you can.

Sagittarius: You have connections near and far. Some are pleasant, some not so pleasant. Deal with each one as they come along in your usual free wheeling style. You are making friends and enjoying cultural events. You’re curious about different lifestyles that some folks enjoy. You’re not ready to make a change but are open to different viewpoints.

Capricorn: You feel a shift in the atmosphere, something is changing. You examine your direction and goals in life. Are you on the right track? You get creative in planning your future. Some folks are surprised when hearing your plans. They see you in one way but you are much more, you have more depth than what most folks see.

Aquarius: The strange and exotic lure you now. Foreign cultures beckon you as the routine no longer satisfies you. While travel may be out of the question at this time, learning and studying may very well satisfy that itch. Learning a new language, planning that trip, and keeping your eye open for local events with an exotic flavor – all are appealing to you now.

Pisces: Between hard work and deep thinking your world is opening up. You meet interesting and fascinating people while going through your daily routine. Upsets in that routine ensure that your life isn’t boring. Remain flexible as sudden upsets and disruptions in plans force changing horses in mid-stride. Go with the flow.