Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: October 2022

Aries: A challenge to your independence requires a lot of conversation. You’re articulate in the way you present your point of view. In relationships, if things get too complicated you prefer going it alone. The period around the Full Moon may bring things to a head. You feel you have justice on your side. A friend offers sage advice.

Taurus: Tidy up and get things in order, you’ll need your ducks in a row when you face some financial or career decisions. Do the things that keep you calm: Your mental and emotional health are as important as your physical health. You may find a connection there. You’re the diplomat when it comes to negotiations.

Gemini: Mars in your sign brings energy and sparks your initiative. You’re more inclined to the fun things in life rather than the duties that must be performed. Don’t neglect those duties, but do enjoy doing what brings you joy. Friends engage you and open up your world to ideas and activities that broaden your horizons.

Cancer: You balance the homey stuff you love so well and your public persona. You’re out there in the limelight whether you like it or not. You do get some good reviews. Friends and acquaintances surprise you with some unexpected and unusual invitations. Take them up on their offers, you will find it exciting. 

Leo: October brings general, all-around busyness to your door with one thing after another coming up that must be dealt with. Most of it is trivial, everyday stuff that needs to be taken care of. Some among your circle are not cooperative or congenial these days. Some arguments or unexpected actions on the part of others take you by surprise.

Virgo: Your attention to detail becomes a valuable asset as you deal with budget, insurance and tax issues. While all of this is tedious and boring at times, it is necessary and needs to be done. You juggle and struggle between work and duty on one hand and wild and free on the other. Figure out a way to maintain a workable balance between the two. 

Libra: The Sun in Libra puts you in the spotlight, keeping you busy and highlighting your excellent social skills. Mercury, now direct, moves into Libra on the 10th, enhancing your verbal skills. You can speak the ugly truths in such a way that folks don’t take offense. Now is the time to have those difficult conversations. Diplomacy is the key here.

Scorpio: Quiet contemplation assists you as you delve deeply within to find your true self. You can no longer fake it, you have to be, do and act in a way that reflects the real you. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th pulls out some of that inner garbage that you need to get rid of. This crap no longer serves you, dump it and move on. 

Sagittarius: Seems like everyone wants to argue; everyone, that is, except you. Try and side-step these argumentative folks and seek out those who are not so angry. You can widen your social circle now and begin to enjoy convivial activities with like minded people. Shared interests are a great foundation for a long lasting relationship. Think about it. 

Capricorn: A career move may be on the agenda, but things may go much deeper than that. The question is, where are you heading? Where do you want to go? Some serious thinking about what is truly important to you is needed in order to make any decisions about your future. Annoying co-workers may provide the motivation to take a step in a new direction. 

Aquarius: You continue to mambo between what you want to do and what you are supposed to do. Responsibilities can’t be ignored but that does not mean you can’t carve out some time for the wild and crazy. Use your energy in a positive manner doing the things you love and also explore and expand your horizons. It’s a big world out there.

Pisces: Keeping to a schedule has become impossible as someone/something always comes up that requires readjustment and revising. Your commute, your neighborhood and your siblings all seem to be conspiring to keep you off guard and on your toes. Your best option is to keep an open mind and a loose schedule. Be ready for change.