More Than Just Fun and Games at NecronomiCon

NecronomiCon attracts more than just Lovecraft geeks. It also attracts Lovecraft gamers. Every convention, a massive group of gamers ascends from the deep to partake in one of dozens of table-top gaming events taking placecthulhu-1005495_960_720 all weekend in several Lovecraft-themed rooms and tables.

“My favorite thing about the gaming community is the diversity. You never know what kind of person you will meet,” said Herbie Hicks, creator and owner of Reality A Games. “Recently I’ve seen a large influx in the number of people in the community and I hope to see more people get in touch with their geeky side.”

Local gaming store Reality A Games has hosted many late-night gaming events, including Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons. This year, Reality A will be running constant draft tournaments for Magic the Gathering during the convention. Herbie himself will be running rounds of Fortuna. However, there is even bigger news regarding Reality A.


Coinciding with NecronomiCon, between the months of September and October, Reality A will be moving out of West Warwick and into Cranston with a brand new shop – Miskatonic Tavern and Gaming Den. As the name implies, the store will serve beer and wine, along with non-alcoholic beverages and fresh bakery items to guests and gamers seven days a week.

Assisting Herbie in the big move and participating in the convention’s gaming is Madeleine Michaud, daughter of NecronomiCon Press creator Marc Michaud. For Madeleine, NecronomiCon creates a fresh avenue of “thematic diversity” in the realms of horror. “Really what I find exciting is that so many more people are beginning to look at horror gaming as a genre in itself rather than as an add-on to use around Halloween in your everyday fantasy game,” said Madeleine. “I hope to see more and more independent game developers creating within the Lovecraftian horror genre, especially in video games. This year I’m hoping we will see even more independent game developers showing off quality product.”

Registration for all four days is still available at