Not Just Fun, but Super Fun: Fool yourself into getting a little exercise, you slacker

Attention all cool people – it’s time for you to grab your closest friends and get ready for the Super Fun Activities Club (SFAC). No, seriously. 

The SFAC is an adult (read: 21+) sports league that features pretty much every sport you can imagine, from flag football to cornhole to pickleball, which unfortunately does not involve pickles, but still seems like a ton of fun. It’s like all of those sports that your parents signed you up for when you were a kid – only this time you’re in control and you not only get to decide which sport to sign up for, you can make your own team.

Yep, that’s right. No more being picked last. Although the SFAC website warns of it being an incredibly rare possibility for friends to get separated, you can form a team with your friends and have the most fun ever – all with people you know. You also can go lone wolf. If you sign up on your own, the SFAC will place you on a team without you having to get people you know involved. They also allow you to substitute for teams that may be down a player for free – one time. Check their website for more.

The main focus of the Super Fun Activities Club is fun. Right, I know, duh, but let’s focus on this. Remember how I mentioned that it’s similar to choosing sports as a kid? Not all of us (me) had a wonderful time with sports, and the SFAC makes them accessible for everybody with a focus on having a good time. Their website doesn’t even mention that it’s exercise, just that your goal, your mission, is to get some fun into your life.

Jeremy Dubois of SFAC says, “SFAC is not sports leagues. We are a social community that also does sports/activities. While that sounds like a subtle difference, it’s tremendously important. We are MUCH more about enhancing your life through social connection, combined with physical activity. It’s about being connected and being a part of something. We honestly don’t care a whole heck of a lot about the sports. We’re about the people.”

Summer leagues for the following sports will run in July and August: softball, flag football, dodgeball, volleyball, yogeyball, pickleball, soccer and kickball. These sports are registering now. SFAC is following protocols for COVID-19 as outlined by the state, but the summer leagues are primarily outdoors and most club members are vaccinated. 

According to Dubois, if you’re on the fence he says: “The most common phrase I hear is ‘I wish I joined this sooner. I’ve known about this for forever, and I was too afraid to show up not knowing anyone. Now I have tons of friends and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long.’  So, take the leap! Stop just watching people having fun. Join in! It will change your life. It’s changed mine!”

You heard it here, get to it! 

For more info, or follow them @superfunactivitiesclub