On The Cover: Joseph Heroux

The cover artist for our Holiday Issue is a psychedelic illustrator whose enjoyment of the ’60s / ’70s era leant inspiration for the cover. Joseph Heroux, this month’s cover artist, created a piece that focuses on inclusivity during the holidays. 

Heroux has always been an artist, having his first gallery shown when he was just five years old at AS220. As he’s gotten older, his work has become more refined, incorporating influences from some of his favorite artists, such as Peter Max and Don Aquarius. 

Heroux also plays keyboards and synths in two experimental electronic psychedelic bands, Hew and Sinister Machine. His connection to the music scene doesn’t end there though, as he is also a member of the Big Nazo Space Transformation Station. In the group, Heroux composes the soundtracks and occasionally will decorate the masks that go along with the alien costumes worn by the group members. Heroux, who considers himself a spiritual person, says art “makes me feel spiritually well aligned with myself. Making art and playing music go hand and hand.”

The concept for the cover, which took Heroux an hour of sketching to come up with, was to make the Hindu God represent a sort of Shiva-Santa Claus opening up rather outrageous presents for the world. The world aspect comes into play with all the different religions being represented. Heroux says, “I was thinking about what I personally would want to see on the cover and how it should be incorporating hints of Hanukkah and have Kwanzaa colors popping out too”. 

You can see a trippy Hindu God, in meditation pose while holding the city of Providence, a menorah, as well as some bursting gift boxes. An elf can be seen in the corner, an artistic decision inspired by David Allen artwork. Everything in the design is a nod to Heroux’s love of the psychedelic. Heroux will continue his work with Hew, Sinister Machine, Space Transformation Station and the radio show he hosts Tuesdays, 9pm – midnight on WRIU. He also will be contributing to Motif’s own comic section, so keep an eye out for more work coming soon.