Got Beer?

Patio Season

Since opening its patio in July, Industrious Spirit Company (ISCO) — a distillery that makes vodka, gin and bourbon — has become a perfect location for safe, comfortable hangs complete with tasty beverages. I spoke with Liam Maloney, the ISCO tasting room manager, to discuss the patio set-up and what guests can expect from their outdoor space in the future.

Right now the space has 45 seats, but at peak season they can seat up to 100. The tables are 8 to 10 feet apart, scattered under a roof with personal heaters and four firepits. And did I mention the seat warmers? I visited ISCO after speaking to Maloney on the phone and couldn’t resist a firepit and a cocktail! The space was cozy enough for me to order one of their house slushies: an anise-forward concoction that refreshed and surprised. Biggest drawback? I drank it so fast I gave myself a brain freeze. 

I asked Maloney what menu items he’s most excited about right now and he answered immediately: the Community Supported Cocktails (CSC) program. “It’s like a CSA with farms, but with cocktails,” he explained. For $20 a week, people can subscribe to the CSC and pick up two takeaway cocktails made with fresh ingredients from the farmers market that takes place every Saturday at the Farm Fresh building across the street. I love this concept, it’s so cool to see local businesses collaborating! 

So what’s on the horizon for ISCO’s patio this summer? They plan to host live music and pop-ups as the weather changes and as long as COVID restrictions permit. They did this when they opened but stopped, “…cases were going up and it was getting crowded,” Liam explained. “But if people keep being safe, we’ll have live music again when the weather warms up.”

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