Outside Air

I sometimes like to just go outside

And stand

No certain spot where I stand

I just go wherever my feet lead me

Once I’m where my legs decide I’m supposed to be

I just stand

To hear the world

And smell the air

Air different than inside air

Outside air

And look at the sky

Cause there’s something beyond it

Beyond the sky


You can’t see it but you know it’s there

I’ll look to the nearby street when I hear a car tire rolling

Indicating a human

A human driving 

Translating to a human living 

A human who I can’t see and who I don’t know 

But nonetheless another life

It reminds me I’m not just me

I’m not just alone in this existence 

Living is living with other people 

Even when you don’t know the people

You don’t know the human 

The human driving that car

They’re still there

And when you stand outside and smell the outside air

And see the sky which is hiding the endless mysteries that are space 

And hear the tire bringing the human to their life

You’re reminded of all of that

Of you not being alone

Even when you’re standing by yourself