Procorruption: Master debater

As director of Corruption Rules, I can’t tell you how excited we are about the upcoming re-election of our dear leader, President Trump. Despite his apathy toward more than 200,000 COVID deaths, recent polls show him well over 40% approval and trailing Biden by less than 10% in the general election, well on his way to victory. What a country!

During the first debate, Trump demonstrated what makes him a strong President. He out-spoke Biden by a ratio of 3-1 words, and clearly won the debate despite facing two opponents: sleepy Joe Biden and turncoat Fox News pundit Chris Wallace.

This debate exposed the bias in so-called fact checking. For this debate, Biden’s lies never were questioned, such as his statements that Trump is a clown or the worst President ever. Why doesn’t Trump get credit for his totally accurate statement that he’s accomplished more in 47 months than Biden has in 47 years?


Why not give Trump credit for admitting the word smart should never apply to him? As for intelligence, has Biden shown anywhere near Trump’s genius for understanding what this country is built on — corruption, capitalism, racism, sexism, transphobia, settler-colonialism, dishonesty, self-interest and 20 other things needed to succeed in white politics without really trying? Would Biden have even thought to give orders to a white supremacist militia on air?  I think our dear President deserves credit for safeguarding our polls at no expense to the government. What does he get instead? Threats of muting his microphone in future debates. Have you ever heard of such political violence?

What also excited us was the demonstration by tens of thousands from our Rhode Island Republican support group, a state that would only vote for Trump if Biden drank Del’s with a straw. Those demonstrators showed tremendous courage by throwing away all of their credibility and self-respect to show public support of our Large President. They ignore countervailing opinions such as: “Current supporters of the President are cult-like simps who should never be taken seriously or considered rational human beings, and should be considered criminal accomplices in the death and destruction caused by Trump’s negligent homicide.“ This courage will send a strong message to the rest of the country, especially those traitors and cowards who have been criticizing Trump.

We don’t think most Trump supporters are stupid, amoral, or part of a crime family. We believe they are bright enough to realize what an evil genius Trump is. They’re smart enough to realize any criticism of Trump is the result of fake news, fake polls and some fake idea of what our country is or should be. Do you really think if even a portion of this bad stuff were true, Trump would still have a real chance to win this election, or God would have chosen him to lead this country? What type of country do you think we are?