Procorruption: Buckle up, Rhode Island!

Excited about the upcoming re-election of Donald Trump? Don’t believe those polls; they all have a liberal bias against our Supreme Leader. The rank and file still vote for Trump because they are smart enough to know that he’s what this country needs regardless of Beltway gossip.

I know what people are hearing out there: that anyone supporting the President is dumb, corrupt, a criminal conspirator guilty of supporting negligent homicide, or some subspecies of the human race with chimpanzee level intelligence, if that. 

I personally feel contempt for those cowardly, hypocritical, scumbag Republicans and any former Trump supporters campaigning against him.  The last thing we need is to plant the idea that the President is unsuitable to be let anywhere near a White House bathroom without a straitjacket, let alone the Oval Office.


Keep repeating the catechism that Trump is a genius. And remember: You are a genius for supporting him no matter what.