Procorruption: Thank you, COVID-19

It may seem strange to thank a virus that has killed more than 180,000 and hurt millions more. We admit not many are happy with it, except for companies and individuals making good, exorbitant loot from COVID-19, and the Democrats and Chinese who conspired to develop the virus to remove Donald Trump from office. But there is another important exception — those who have worked long and hard to support corruption over the decades.

Thank you COVID-19, Donald Trump, and many others for reminding us why corruption will always exist and continue to be a driving force in making our country great again. 

Before the pandemic, Trump took corruption to several new levels, something for which we will always be grateful. He provided a textbook example of how a politician can show total disdain for laws, morals, ethics, truth, decency, common sense, avoiding hypocrisy, personality, humor, bigotry or any redeeming qualities. He’s also a shoe-in for re-election. We were a bit concerned about him taking things way too far for any self-respecting, decent, law-abiding, moral person to support, but there was no need to worry. 


Throughout the pandemic, we were alarmed. Trump escalated things up several notches, opposing efforts to contain the virus and blatantly choosing political concerns over the public interest. It was becoming easier to make the case, although wrong, that he and his supporters were complicit in all of the most embarrassing private crimes and public tragedies. Who could support him now supporting such acts? Who would want to lose any self-respect and hurt themselves professionally or personally?

Fortunately, we were wrong again. While polls show Trump trailing, he is actually close — an amazing feat for someone guilty of so many atrocities. When you add the Silent Majority (too embarrassed to publicly support him) Trump is clearly leading and will triumph in the end.

COVID-19 has taught us about other important issues as well, starting with what kind of people live in this country. We’re a country where a significant part of the population, when it comes to following simple guidelines, put their own interests against the health and well-being of others and the country. People in this country proudly display their indifference about the needs and risks to others, even if it means killing them or destroying their health.

It has shown us an administration, political party and supporters who are willing to act and be seen as an honest-to-goodness crime syndicate and get away with it.

COVID-19 should be applauded for providing a valuable public service: showing how much death and destruction a mentally challenged lunatic and criminal and his supporters can bring to the country and still win. It showed how far you can go where most people will overlook corruption to vote or act in their own interests. 

You may think that benefits those who are against future corruption. Those people are too clueless and lazy to effectively make that argument or do anything about it. Many of them are all talk but secretly they want it to continue. In the end, it will encourage our supporters and help us more.

In the unlikely case Trump loses, we’ll blame mail ballot fraud. We’ll support overturning the election. If that doesn’t work, we may have to tone down things a bit and kiss the asses of Democrats for now, certain to support our cause.

We can be sure that the new normal, when it comes to advancing corruption, won’t be much different.