Corruption Rules: Re-organized nonprofit promoting corruption looks forward to the upcoming national and state elections

Thank God that’s over.  I’m talking about the Democrats’ impeachment scheme to overturn the will of the people and circumvent the last election.  The good news: It failed, and President Trump will certainly be re-elected. The Democrats’ latest virus hoax schtick isn’t going to work either. If you think I’m wrong, three intelligent women hugging me in one day during this so-called deadly virus is proof positive that no one takes it seriously. 

I’m not using the Lord’s name in vain here since Trump and his supporters claim they are following God’s will, so who else are we supposed to thank?  If you’re questioning why the Lord would support people devoid of most Christian values, remember He or She works in mysterious ways, so who are we to ask questions?

Americans are smart enough to recognize the foolishness of wasting public funds on investigations the Republicans control, by voting for innocence no matter what and covering up anything politically embarrassing. They are smart enough to know the value of a president who effectively uses his total lack of any morals, adherence to laws, ethics, truth, integrity and redeeming features to get the job done — the job of enriching the well-off and politically connected, screwing over the poor and needy, destroying our environment, and enhancing opportunities for the talentless and incompetent to succeed. Thanks to Trump and his henchmen, taking corruption too far seems to no longer be a concern.


Americans are smart enough to know that Trump and the Republicans aren’t destroying our country, but proudly representing it – a place where profiting off of junk and others’ misfortunes, putting your own interests first, and not letting any laws, ethics, decency, truth, compassion or integrity get in the way often leads to success — in politics, business and all walks of life.

One key to successful corruption are the enablers. Special commendations go to the Republican Party, who have gone well beyond the call of duty in becoming, for all intents and purposes, an organized crime syndicate. Their willingness to throw away all semblance of honesty, integrity, ethics, truth and laws — whether committing or covering up corruption — is deserving of the utmost respect. 

Corruption will always exist because it depends on where people are willing to draw the line as to what’s acceptable. Republican efforts to not just move the line, but obliterate it, will impact positively on future generations to come.

To be clear, we are nonpartisan, and want to commend the Democrats for their role in encouraging people to vote for a corrupt, certifiable lunatic with no redeeming qualities. We applaud their continuance of the same campaign message of 2016: “Why vote for the last person you would want near the White House, when you can vote for the second to last.”

We are still concerned a bit with Trump, the Republicans  and other practicing corruptioneers going so far overboard that they could end up suffering serious losses or public embarrassment and hurt our efforts. But they can aim even higher, knowing that should they suffer defeat in some form, we are comfortable working with the Democrats. When the state elections come around, we’ll be fully behind our long-time Democrat friends and fight against those state Republican pretenders trying to stop us.

This is my first column since the overthrow of our prior organizational administration. While well-intentioned, they pretty much sucked. We’ll do a better job educating people about the value of corruption, inevitability and necessity of it, best practices for committing it and the ridiculousness of those trying to stop it. We’ll also recognize those carrying it out or enabling it. Corruption provides many opportunities for teaching moments, and we’ll publicize some of those in our first special online column later this month.

Remember our golden rule: Corruption enhances the playing field for those willing to participate, so accept it and you will get ahead.