Puppy Love: A Lovely February Libation

This February, in honor of Black History Month, I decided to create a cocktail that utilized products from a local black-owned distillery. I chose White Dog Distilling in Pawtucket. 

White Dog Distilling has a variety of products including a selection of whiskies of various ages and rotating seasonal options of flavored moonshine. Right now, they have cherry moonshine for sale, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to mix this tasty spirit with their signature Puppy Bourbon.

I started by making my own chai syrup. Here is the recipe:

Chai Syrup

¼ ounce sugar

¼ ounce hot, filtered water

1 teabag of chai-flavored tea (decaf recommended)

Combine sugar and water and stir until sugar is dissolved

Add teabag and allow to steep about ten minutes before removing

Now we can get on to mixing the cocktail, which I call Puppy Love, for the bourbon used and the time of year. 

Puppy Love

1 ½ ounces White Dog Distilling Puppy Bourbon 

½ ounce White Dog Distilling Howling Cherry Moonshine

½ ounce chai syrup

1 orange swath 

1 match

Add all ingredients but orange swath and match to a mixing glass with ice, stir and strain over one 4-ounce ice cube in a rocks glass

Light match and hold orange swath over it, over the drink, express orange swath over flame; oils from the swath will make the flame get bigger over the drink

Repeat and discard orange swath

This cocktail is a play on an Old Fashioned and is great for these cool, wintery nights. If you like rich, cherry flavors with your whiskey, you’ll enjoy this drink. 

White Dog Distilling is located in Pawtucket and has a gorgeous, safely spaced bar featuring local artwork you can purchase, tasting options, house-made cocktails (using 100% house-made ingredients), and even cocktails to go. Follow them on social media (@whitedogdistilling) for updates on the opening of their new production facility, which will be open to the public by appointment only for tasting tours.

White Dog Distilling, 560 Mineral Spring Ave, Pawtucket, whitedogdistilling.com, @whitedogdistilling