Roller Derby: Feel the Intensity

If you missed Providence Roller Derby’s return to the Bank of America Skating Pavilion in Providence, you missed one of the most storytelling, down-to-the-wire games in PRD history. Already leading the home season league, the Mob Squad looked to maintain their status against the Old Money Honeys. By the first half, the Mob put a lot of pressure down on the Honeys and held the lead by keeping approximately 20 points or more ahead on the board. At the start of the second half, the Honeys came back fierce with several lead jams and took over the lead. For 30 minutes the advantage seesawed and finally came down to a photo finish style jam. In the end, the Honeys fell short by a single point resulting in The Mob Squad claiming both a 153 to 154 victory and the first seat in the home season championship in October.

If the intensity wasn’t enough, the opening ceremonies had Michelle Kwan skating in the derby demo as #401 “Pell-ican,” which was followed by a Color Guard presentation by the River Falls Young Marines. The halftime performance of nerd punk rockers Me Jane reinvigorated the live audience for the amazing second half.

Who will be facing the Mob at the championship in October? Find out as the Old Money Honeys take on the Sakonnet River Roller Rats on Saturday, September  13 (rain date September 14) at the Bank of America Skating Pavilion in downtown Providence. Tickets are still available at Will you be rocking the green and pink as the Rats race for the big cheese? Or will you be fabulous in the red and black in hopes to wine and dine with the Honeys in victory? Go to to learn more!