The Rosters Are A’Roarin’: Home Season Begins

The hottest part of a flame is closest to the source. In this case, the greatest competition in roller derby is always at home – home season that is!  Last year, spectators witnessed home bouts that ended with single points separating the teams or rolling into overtime. When you pit athletes who know one another so well against each other, you’re going to get some fight-to-the-finish finales!

Subtract veteran derby girls and add newly established skaters, and you never know what is going to happen!

This year’s three home bouts will take place one Saturday per month at the Alex & Ani Outdoor Rink in downtown Providence. On July 25, it will be Old Money Honeys versus the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. On Aug 29, you’ll see the Mob Squad battle against the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. Then on Sept 19, the Old Money Honeys will go skate-to-skate with the Mob Squad. After all is rolled and won, after the victories and the points have been tallied, we will conclude this year’s season with the Home Team Championship Double Header at Teamworks in Warwick on Oct 10! Tickets are available for the Providence bouts now at

Before you turn the page, get to know your teams!  Without further adieu, I present to you PRD’s home team rosters.

Mob Squad: (Captain) Smashley Olsen,  Baby Fighterfly, Beat-Trix LeStrangle, Boones Harm, Caped Crusk8ter, Citizen Toxie, Death Rochelle, Dita Von Muerta, Elsie Ya Later, Freak’n’Awesome, Goldie Glocks,  Lana Arvina, Shotz of Petrone, Shreddy Roosevelt, Sun Scream, Terror Swift, Toni Montana and Varla Gunz.

Old Money Honeys: (Captain) Cindy Lou Screw, Breakbeat Betty, Checker Pulse, Delta Bravo, Jetta Von Diesel, Jigsaw, Lexi Laweless, Malady D’Amour, Mortician Addams, Nutritional Beast, Raggedy Anneurysm, Rhoda Perdition, Roxy ElbowYa, Sinnamon Splice, Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors and Val Kyrie.

Sakonnet River Roller Rats: (Captain) Trannie Oakley, Annie Trackburne, Axe A. Dental, Craisy Dukes, D.A.Lek, Dark & Stormy, Mary Slayne, Max Slayer Stone, Milla Lowlife,  Pez DispensHer, Puma Thurman, Scarizard, Shamblock, Sis Boom, Bonnie,  SmackGyver and Trophy Knife.

Tickets on sale now at