Top Theater in Providence at Brown

Brown/ Trinity Playwrights Repertory Theatre has a gripping line-up this summer with three new plays from Brown/Trinity MFA brownrepgraduates. Each play will run in repertory for a week at Brown University’s Leeds Theatre on Waterman Street. Starting July 31, Festival Week, all three plays will be in repertory and on August 3, the Marathon Madness program will have all plays performed in repertory in a single day.

Melena – A deep-seated passion may be the reason why Melena has thrown herself into confusion just before her own wedding. As tensions mount, her fiancé Jack nears the edge of his patience with her. Will they be able to resolve their issues in time for the wedding or will shared love and frustrations explode their new life as a married couple? This show is written by Emily Young and directed by Kenneth Prestinizi, the Artistic Director of the Brown/Trinity Playwrights Rep.

The Hunchback of Seville – Set against the backdrop of Queen Isabella’s Spain, where a lame-duck ruler must find a way to stop atrocities from piling up out in the New World. This is show is written by Miami native Charise Castro Smith and directed by Taibi Magar.


The Gospel of Loving Kindness – Southside of Chicago. 1996 – Reverend Seer, a longtime pastor in a violence-prone neighborhood, must come to terms with a declining congregation, a wife who threatens to leave and a gunman looking to take away his son. This show is written by Marcus Gardley and directed by Kym Moore.