Lunar Notes

Will President Trump Fall in the Fall?

On September 22, the Sun enters Libra and it officially becomes autumn. A horoscope set for this moment reveals the potentials and possibilities of the upcoming season. While the heavens reveal their secrets and guide us on our way, one thing we cannot avoid is President Donald Trump. Whether he is an honored guest or an unwelcome pest you wish had stayed home, there he is. You can’t escape him. He dominates the news cycle and the results of his actions or inactions permeate society and touch all our lives.

That said, the overall energy revealed in the Equinox chart indicates entrenched opinions, stubbornness and an aversion to change. It will take a lot of convincing to change people’s minds. Enter Mr. Confusion, Neptune.

At this Equinox moment, the Moon (the public) snuggles up to Neptune (master of the mystical), pointing to a disconnect from reality. In the house of the president, CEO, the boss, Neptune says leadership is clouded and cloaked in deception, self-deception, illusion and delusion. Our president will mangle his tweets and retract his statements, or he might let the lie stand. You can’t figure him out and no one will see him clearly.

The position of the Sun in this chart, which also points to the one in charge, puts the focus on schools, boards of education, children and how we think about and what we do with our children. These issues create controversy and generate lots of discussion. We will hear from the children or their outraged parents. Healthcare, public health and reproductive rights, abortion and STDs flash across our Twitter feed.

Heading into October, the tension builds as more that is hidden bubbles to the surface. Pluto (power), ruler of Scorpio, goes direct and Venus (love and money) in Scorpio goes retrograde. Diplomacy has a difficult time as soothing conversation gives way to confrontation. Secrets are about to be revealed, and some folks will go to great lengths to keep those secrets hidden. Be prepared for the Full Moon of October 24 as shock waves rock our foundation.

As the all-important mid-term elections approach, the real power brokers remain behind the scenes. There are some surprises in store, not what the polls or the pundits anticipated. The New Moon on November 7, the day after the election, points to a change in the power structure, which may not be readily apparent. Women in diplomacy and in business will be a force, at times subtle but nevertheless potent. The president’s relationships with women will continue to haunt him. Jupiter (legal issues) slides home to Sagittarius where he is strong. Venus, the Goddess of love, moves in direct motion and stalled love and money affairs gain traction. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th, so sign those papers beforehand.  Mercury-ruled Donald Trump can’t help but talk or tweet something outrageous at this time.

With the Full Moon of November falling on the day after Thanksgiving, more legal issues plague the president. With Mercury retrograde, don’t jump to judgement. Let the politicos, pundits and pesky relatives argue it out. Mercury goes direct around the New Moon of December 7 and the smoke clears. But don’t expect a lot of clarity.

At that, New Moon Mercury begins to move direct, and Mars, the planet of action, joins forces with Old Mr. Confusion, Neptune. This combination activates the energy embedded in the Equinox chart. What rose up before us at that time rises again: schools, children and educational boards. With Mars in the picture, sporting events are thrown into the mix. Jupiter now in Sagittarius points to law and judges. With Neptune involved, drugs, alcohol and other means of escaping reality loom large.

As winter approaches, Donald Trump faces opposition from forces that are subtle, devious and sneaky to the max.  Trump, a Gemini, has the planet Mars prominent and strong in his chart. Mars loves to fight. So does Donald Trump. The more he is opposed, the more he will fight. With Leo (the showbiz sign) a big part of his personality, no matter what goes on in private, the show must go on. He will not back down; he will not falter. As the wheel of the year turns, he will face mounting legal issues connected to his personal and political life. His supporters will remain supportive. Those who don’t support him will have to tolerate him into 2019. For or against, remember: Winter is coming.