Your Weekend in the Stars

untitled (2)Wednesday, January 20, Moon in Gemini welcomes the Sun as it moves into Gemini compatible Aquarius. Gemini and Aquarius are air signs and deal with the world of ideas, some of it abstract and under the influence of Aquarius, forward-looking and inventive. Sun in Aquarius can rouse the rebel in us all, but Aquarius’ co-ruler Saturn retains the inclination to trod the straight and narrow. Under this influence, new ideas emerge to perform the same old, same old. In the afternoon, retrograde Mercury in Capricorn squares Aquarius’ more daring co-ruler Uranus. This can trigger sparks of genius with the ability to manifest that genius in the material world. Hold on before implementing those ideas until Mercury goes direct on the 25. This aspect can also trigger accidents involving transportation in all forms.

Leading into the weekend, Moon slides home to Cancer on Thursday morning. Moon belongs here and the emotions rule the next few days. Instinct takes over on many occasions. We’re feeling vulnerable, exposed and often overly sensitive. Folks want to nurture and be nurtured. It’s easy to go for the comfort food under this Moon. Remember, it may feel good going down, but once it hits the hips, there is where it will stay.

Mercury gets in the picture before dawn on Friday the 22 when the winged messenger hooks up with Pluto.  Wherever Pluto goes, the crap comes to the surface first. With Mercury involved, it is verbal crap. Once the crap has floated away it is time for some deep, penetrating conversation. Time to get to the bottom of something, whatever that “something” is in your life. Retrograde Mercury will come back to Pluto at month’s end after turning Direct, so this conversation, which may have begun around the Winter Solstice, when these two were together in the sky for the first time, may not attain resolution until after the 30th.

Saturday is Full Moon day. Moon enters Leo at 2:21pm. Venus enters Capricorn at 3:32pm EST and the Full Moon is exact at 8:48pm EST. Moon rises at 4:45pm EST and sets the following morning at 7:08am EST. So if the weather is clear you will have ample opportunity to view the Moon in all its glorious fullness.

There is a lot of tension in the Full Moon chart. These tensions can bring a nudge to move us along into a different or the right direction. It is a good time to get together with friends, speak from your heart and take a look around to find out where you are at and where you want to go. Friends may bring some drama into your life or they could simply drag you out of the house for a rollicking good time. Remember this Full Moon is in Leo and folks like to be appreciated under this Moon, so give that compliment or thank that person for whatever. This is a great weekend for romance if you are so inclined. Folks want to have fun, so let your inner child out to play.

On Monday, Mercury goes direct at 4:50pm EST. When planets change direction, they are moving very slow and appear to stop then begin to move again. With Mercury, new information and ideas begin to percolate. Moon entering Mercury ruled Virgo at 10:45pm EST brings with it the energy to sift through the various threads, retaining and discarding as you go along. Virgo Moon enhances our powers of discernment. With waning Moon in Virgo, it is a good time to eliminate that which does not serve you. Issues of diet and health predominate. This is the optimal time to start a diet to lose weight or take that last drag of nicotine. We are totally aware under this Moon of what is good for us and what ain’t. Act accordingly.