Above the Noise: Hello, Atlantic talk about what drives their band forward

Hello, Atlantic is probably the top techno-based emo-pop band in the local scene right now. With alternative styles ranging from stadium-wide emotional ballads like “Lapse” to dance-party anthems like “Night Life,” the band tackles complicated emotions with thoughtful sonic imagery and analogies that make anyone feel included and heard. In a world increasingly populated by loud voices of all kinds, it’s reassuring to know this band is actively working to carve out their own community and niche above the noise. 

The first song I ever heard from them was their lead EP single “Night Life,” and I loved the high-octane energy of the fast melody and campy circus-gone-wrong music video. It instantly reminded me of the pop punk Panic! at the Disco classic “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” This band builds on that similar energy, but has brought those much-loved sonic tropes into the new decade.

Vocalist Ian Dillon, bassist Eric Sparfven, guitarist Austin Nadeau and drummer David Mills have formed something truly special and electrifying with this project. I recently got to ask Ian and Eric some questions about their band, music, and new song “Tiny Dancing Ghost.”


Angelina Singer (Motif): How did Hello Atlantic become a band? Also, what does the band name mean to you?

Hello, Atlantic (Eric): Ian and I were in a band together before this, and when that band came to an end, we decided to stick together. As for the name, we had a list of potential band names, and Hello, Atlantic was the one we liked the most. Plus, it made sense living on the East coast near the Atlantic Ocean.

AS: What is the central message behind the Night Life EP?

Hello, Atlantic: I suppose the central message would just be fear. Whether that be fear of being hated, or relationships falling apart, or just straight up being murdered by vampires.

AS: How did you develop your sound, and what is your songwriting process like?

Hello, Atlantic: For the Night Life EP, we basically would just have a basic idea and bring it to the studio where we’d flesh it out, and then vocals would be written separately. With new members now, we’re working on really focusing on our sound before we head to the studio. We’re really excited about it.

AS: Who would you say are your biggest artistic influences?

Hello, Atlantic: Dance Gavin Dance and The 1975 are both up there. I’d say Bilmuri as well, actually.

AS: What surprised you the most about being in a band?

Hello, Atlantic: What surprised us the most about being in a band is that you get out of it exactly what you put into it. We put so much into the campaign for our Night Life EP, and it started to show when we did. 

AS: Talk a bit about your newest song, “Tiny Dancing Ghost” – how did that concept come to be?

Hello, Atlantic: I basically wrote a few random lines, and they kind of reminded me of something spooky like a witch, so I decided that that’s what the song would be about – similar to Night Life being about vampires. I had fun writing both.

AS: Share the craziest, funniest, most embarrassing PG-rated moment from a gig.

Hello, Atlantic (Ian): It’s not anything super crazy or anything, but Eric somehow managed to rip the inseam of his pants at multiple shows. I guess that means he won’t ever be joining Attack Attack!

AS: Where do you see the band in 10 years?

Hello, Atlantic: In 10 years, hopefully the band is touring the world and we’ve made it a full time career. That’s always the dream!

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