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Alt-Nation: Liberty Fest, The Spot Celebrates, BridgeFest and Under My Skin


Last week Providence Liberty Fest unveiled a staggering listing of 40 bands for their 16th anniversary show this 4th of July at Dusk. Confirmed bands for the show include Atlantic Thrills, Baylies Band, Beta Motel, Big Huge, Blackletter, Cross-Armed Calculator, Eric and the Nothing, Feedback Psychosis, The Frenzy of Tongs, Gavage, Gymshorts, Happiness, Headless Nixon, Honest John, Hope Anchor, Thee Itchies, Izzy True, J, Jacques Le Coque, M.O.T.O., New Maps, Pals, Pyramid, Radio Carbon, School of Rock Seekonk, Smith & Weeden, Swan Point, The Sweet Release, TEAZER, The Chiselers, Tomorrow & Tomorrow, Trunkweed, The Viennagram, Vulgarrity, World’s Greatest Lover and more!  The event starts at high noon at Dusk on Harris Ave in PVD and will run all day and night. Liberty Fest will have at least two stages (indoor and outdoor) of live music featuring short 15- to 30-minute performances from the listed bands, food trucks. As always, this show will be all ages and free!

Sick Pills — Under My Skin (75orLess Records)


I’ve fallen dreadfully behind on my record reviews, but one of favorite releases of the year is the sophomore release from New Bedford’s Sick Pills, Under My Skin. I got into listening to this biscuit a few weeks ago on a road trip to Philly where I literally listened to it on repeat for three hours. For the uninitiated, Sick Pills have a post-punk ’80s indie guitar swing feel to them. Sick Pills are kind of in between as far as singer/guitarist Chris (Dr. Evil) Guaraldi’s other bands. Sick Pills are not as heavy as Chris Evil & The Taints, but heavier than The Blood Moons.  Under My Skin kicks off with a couple of punk stompers in “You Make Me Sick” and “Black Skies,” and then proceeds to sprinkle in different influences. “Close To You” somehow has parts that channel both The Knack and Sonic Youth. “Don’t Know What To Do” has this kind of epic indie rock blues sway. Tunes like “Get Away From Me” and “I Got Nothing” have a ’60s garage rock groove, while “All Day” has a mid-’80s era Replacements feel. Sick Pills do not play PVD often, but as it happens they are coming to Firehouse 13. I’m particularly excited for this show, not only because Sick Pills did my favorite local release of the year, but because it also includes Deadlands (top 10 local release last year), and you can catch The Lincoln Tunnel channel indie rock of bands like The Replacements and Sebadoh.

Catch Sick Pills on a stacked local bill with Deadlands, The Lincoln Tunnel and The Matt Fraza Band at Firehouse 13 on Jun 20.   

The Spot’s Five-Year Anniversary

It recently moved into its fourth and largest installment, and The Spot Underground is throwing a two-day 5-year anniversary hootenanny. The Spot has grown from its humble beginnings as an art gallery/yoga space on Thayer St to an 800 capacity venue with an additional 180 capacity outdoor patio inside The Colosseum, plus a full bar and deli. That growth and five5 years is sure cause to party, and party The Spot will with an action-packed weekend of funky jams. On Fri, Jun 26, The Spot will host performances by Turkuaz, Consider The Source, Adam Travis & The Soul, and Elephant, as well as an outdoor patio afternoon acoustic lineup to be announced. On Sat, The Spot will host performances by Daddie Long Legs, Levitation Jones, Funky Dawgz Brass Band, more outdoor patio entertainment, and a top secret headliner. Check out The Spot’s website at for advance ticket information that includes an option for a discounted two-day pass. Happy anniversary to the Spot crew!

The Spot’s Five-Year Anniversary goes down Jun 26 & 27 at their new location on 180 Pine St in PVD inside The Colosseum.  

Newport Bridgefest

The problem with doing a Summer Guide is there is really too much going on to get it all in one issue. Case in point, one thing I missed is Newport Bridgefest, which will happen Jul 28 thru 31.  Bridgefest will be going down at four different locations on three different bodies of land (they weren’t kidding about the need for bridges with two islands). We at The Motif will be sponsoring a Rock Stage at Sandywoods Center For The Arts located at 43 Muse Way in Tiverton. Some highlights for the week include Monday’s opening rock night, which features The Skinny Millionaires, Pier Jump (formerly Castle), and more for only $5! One is not going to find much in Tiverton for only $5. Tuesday night I’d highly recommend catching The Copacetics as Tiverton goes rasta for reggae/ska night. Wednesday includes a barbecue dinner  plus great music by Joe Fitz & They Don’t, James Montgomery and more. The Americana finale Thursday includes performances by The Mighty Good Boys, The Little Compton Band, Able Thought and Shotgun. While I don’t quite get why anyone would want to hold a festival exclusively on week nights, it is summer and a good excuse to get out and soak up some great music and beat away the mid-week blues. For full listings for the Newport Bridgefest go to

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