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Alt-Nation: Start the Holiday Season with Some Shows

Murphy’s Law

It is always one shit-show of a party when Jimmy G from NYC and the boys from Murphy’s Law roll into town.  Murphy’s Law are bona fide hardcore legends that date back to the 1980s, and they have never slowed down or lost their bite. Expect beer to be flying and shirtless old dudes to be dancing as Murphy’s Law play all the hits. I’ve been itching to catch Folding Foreign Car for a while, so that’s reason enough to go early and stay late.

Murphy’s Law, Held Hostage, Hellbound, and Folding Foreign Car rock The Café at the Parlor in Newport on December 2.


Vudu Sister

If the hardcore of Murphy’s Law isn’t your thing, then consider catching the vampire campfire of Vudu Sister. Vudu Sister released their third album, Mortis Nervosa, earlier this year and it served up an ample helping of Victorian grunge. By that I mean that the mostly acoustic album was a mix of gothic lyrical themes and folk music that had the head of the 18th century and the body from the 1990s.  Haunt The House is a good match on this bill in what promises to be night of eerie tunes at a reasonable volume.

Vudu Sister, Haunt The House, and Warbler Roost play Firehouse 13 on December 2.

Black Oil Incinerator

This is just a great, loud local rock show. I put Black Oil Incinerator at the top because they are the headliner, but I could just as easily go on about Jets Can’t Land or Tall Teenagers for the duration of this column. To start with Black Oil Incinerator, they bring it with fuzzed-out stoner rock hymns for the hellions. Tall Teenagers churn out indie rock in the vein of the Pixies. Jets Can’t Land open the show with a truck bomb of ’90s indie rock. On an added note, Jets Can’t Land have a tune called “I Can’t Do That Dave” that is a contender for my local song of the year coming in the next issue. I don’t think I’ve caught Minibeast, but it features Eric Baylies from Baylies Band and Bad Motherfucker and Peter Prescott from friggin Mission of Burma, so they are probably pretty sweet.

Black Oil Incinerator, Minibeast, Tall Teenagers, and Jets Can’t Land will rock Dusk in Providence on December 2. 

The Silks

I’ve probably written about The Silks as much as anyone the last few years, which presents a challenge in saying something new about them. There are only so many ways to say power trio, boot stompin’ blues meets early ’70s rock band with an electrifying guitarist. Trust me; I’ve even tried Googling additional ways. So while I may be running out of words, The Silks keep on rambling, having released a digital EP, Roughousin’ with The Silks, and digital album, Turn Me On, this year. I’ve even heard rumors that they have another record already completed. For now, let’s just say The Silks’ live game is on point if one is looking for a night of dancing to a live band.

The Silks, Wild Sun, and Divey rock Firehouse 13 on December 3.

Cannibal Ramblers

The flyer for this show says “Miami Beach – Where Wonderful memories are made,” which sounds lovely. I’m not sure this show has anything to do with Miami Beach, but as the days grow colder it sounds like as good of a place as any to imagine being as the music floods one’s soul. Cannibal Ramblers are a noisy burst of psychedelic swamp blues that come barreling like a locomotive into the senses. Cannibal Ramblers will have Bryan Minto back on harmonica after an absence touring Europe with The Low Anthem.

Cannibal Ramblers, Glockabelle, LaRochelle, and P. Everett will rock Dusk in Providence on December 3.

Remembering Dime: A Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

I was never a big Pantera fan or really much of a metal fan. I was more of a punk rocker growing up, and that is the spectrum from which I evaluate music. Total shocker I know, being the guy who writes about every time Murphy’s Law comes to town. I’m including this show not just because I’m looking to expand my reader demographics into fans of heavy metal, but also because Pantera were a band that had integrity. Dimebag Darrell’s murder while performing was really the first incident in what has become all too common at concerts today. If I were a Pantera fan, I’d be stoked that memorial tribute shows are still happening 12 years after Dimebag Darrell’s passing.

Remembering Dime: A Tribute to Dimebag Darrell featuring performances by Along Came the Flood, Deathwish, and more will go down at Fete on December 8.

The Blue Album

There are two types of people in the world – those who love the first two Weezer records and those mourning the death of Fidel Castro. This show is for the former. I caught The Blue Album a couple times this year where they did the first two Weezer albums, and it is probably more enjoyable than actually seeing Weezer in 2016. Not that Weezer of today is bad, it’s just that the songs are pretty formulaic and arena shows suck the life out the experience. I’d recommend wearing a blindfold and going to see The Blue Album over Weezer. They are so spot-on that it might as well be Weezer. WBRU Rock Hunt Champs Le Roxy Pro open the show.

The Blue Album and Le Roxy Pro rock The Met Café on December 9.

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