Alt-Nation: Getting in the Halloween Spirit

Tall Teenagers – All in a Day’s Waste

The sophomore album from Tall Teenagers opens with a mess of fuzz and slashing hooks on “Ground Floor” that cut deeper than anything on their debut album. “Lights Out” brings the harmonies between co-lead vocalists Chelsea Paulhus and Damian Puerini to the forefront. “The Bottom” serves as the album’s hold-your-cigarette-lighter-in-the-air power ballad, albeit closer to Pod era Breeders than Poison. It also serves as the perfect setup for the frenetic “Clearing Out the House.” which, along with “FM Radio,” are the heaviest punches Tall Teenagers throw here. “Head Out” kicks off with groove of a Doolittle-era Pixies b-side and then breaks off into its own mold. I’d recommend them to anyone who digs indie guitar swing in the vein of The Breeders, Jesus and Mary Chain, Pixies, Throwing Muses and Sonic Youth.

Hope Anchor – Beautiful Corpses


In terms of getting into the Halloween spirit, it doesn’t get any better than going to the release show for an album called Beautiful Corpses. Hope Anchor guitarist Terry Linehan warned me a few months ago that this would be their goth record. First impressions of Beautiful Corpses are that it does have a noticeably darker and urgent feel. “You Alone” kicks off with an ’80s U2-styled guitar riff before pulling the indie rock curtains over the beat. “Dead Gone” is another slab of indie rock that reminds me of some descendant of Echo & the Bunnymen and Wire. All good goth albums need a ballad and the dreamy “Rain Won’t Stop” fits the bill for a shot of indie guitar melancholy.

Hope Anchor, Jets Can’t Land, Ghosts of Industry, and Man & Wife rock Dusk on October 20.

Blackletter – “Spyder” Single

Dubbed as the 4th Annual Wonderland Tea Party, the official after party of the RI Cannabis Convention is more than just a gathering of people anxious to extol the virtues of marijuana. It is also a chance to catch Blackletter in one of Providence’s weirder club settings. Blackletter has a two-song vinyl single coming out next month. The A side, “Spyder,” reminds me a lot of Alice Cooper. Singer Dave Laros’ vocals have a deviant undertone that sets well above guitarist Vic Foley’s revved-up-blues haymaker riffs. “Spyder” is available for streaming at, and look for the vinyl single next month. In the meantime, get lit and head down to Platforms so Blackletter can work their voodoo on you.

4th Annual Wonderland Tea Party featuring performances by Evil Empire and Blackletter takes place at Platforms Dance Club in Providence on October 28.


We Are 138 – Misfits Tribute

Get into Halloween with a band playing Misfits songs all night. Seriously, We Are 138 must make bank for the month of October. If they can pull off a halfway decent versions of classics like “Die, Die My Darling,” “Hatebreeders” and “Halloween,” there is a better than 50% chance that they’re better than the millennial Jerry Only fronted version of the Misfits.

We Are 138, Pussy Whipped and Still Hungry rock Fete on October 20.

Cannibal Ramblers

This is a fantastic free wheelin’ night of music from the fringe. On one hand there is the space swamp blues Cannibal Ramblers and there is the accordion-infused post-punk of Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores. Chris Monti Band adds a touch of international riffing to the festivities.

Cannibal Ramblers, Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores, and Chris Monti Band rock Dusk on October 21.

World Inferno Friendship Society

World Inferno Friendship Society is one of the more unique bands that one will run into. It isn’t often that things like vaudeville, post-punk and ska run together, but World Inferno Friendship Society find a way to make it work. In addition, if you get there early, you can experience the pub-punk of The McGunks and the Americana of Cactus Attack.

World Inferno Friendship Society, Cactus Attack, and The McGunks rock The Met Café on October 21.

Providence Garage Fest Presents Stay Sick

I don’t know why this is called Stay Sick. Yes, there is a Cramps album by that name and it was also my AOL email address. Maybe we’ll go with the latter so egos don’t get in the way. This show does have some cool bands, like the surf garage Atlantic Thrills and Minibeast. There will be vendors there to sell you shit so you can carry it around all night. This should be a good time from the get-go as well as one of your last chances to get down at Aurora.

Atlantic Thrills, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Super Natural II, Germ House, The Hangovers and Minibeast rock Aurora on October 26.

The White Mice

Those lovable loud White Mice will rise from the dead this Halloween to rock Olyneyville. This show will be loud and features way too many bands than I would ever want to see at a hardcore/metal/punk show but hey, one has got to get their money’s worth these days. Bands I would cross the street to see on this bill include Lolita Black, The Sleazies and Sire. If you like it loud, you’ll love this show!

The White Mice, Lolita Black, Diabolical Fiend, Hammer Party, The Sleazies, Sire, DNR, Worst Days, Violet, DHIM, and loneye will ring in Halloween at Fete on October 31. Due to their being a ton of bands on this bill, the doors are at 5:30pm. Wear a costume and get a ticket discount.

Friends of Mark Moretti present Rock for Mark

This benefit for Mark Moretti’s medical expenses is billed as an afternoon of Rock and Roll – A journey of sight and sound with the area’s top rock tribute acts. Featured bands performing include Custard Pie (The Led Zeppelin Tribute Show), Gilmore’s Breakfast (Pink Floyd!), Dirty Deeds ( The AC/DC Experience), Half Star Hotel (great rock from Aerosmith to the Stones), Through the Doors(Jim Morrison and The Doors),and all star jam.

Rock for Mark takes place at Fete on November 12th and runs from 1:30PM-8:30PM.

Happy Halloween — RIP Tom Petty and Charles Bradley.

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