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Always on My Mind

After speaking to Liam Maloney at Industrious Spirit Company (see my article about their patio set-up), I was inspired to create a cocktail using their gin. At first, I was thinking a Left Bank variation, which has gin, elderflower, dry vermouth and a dry white wine, usually a chablis. I aimed to make this variation using ISCO gin, Cocchi Rosa, elderflower and rosé, but after playing around with the ingredients, I decided this combination wanted to be something else. So rather than being a dry, wine-forward tipple, this would be a springtime dessert cocktail. And thus the Always on My Mind was born. 

The Always on My Mind is going to hit you on the nose and the palate first with orange blossom water; even though there’s only a little, it’s very potent. I recommend using a dropper bottle or a straw to extract the dash of orange blossom water so you don’t accidentally go too heavy. The rest of the cocktail will have a nice lemony zing; the elderflower is very subtle, but there’s going to be floral notes. In the end you will be left with a creamy dessert-appropriate cocktail with a white chocolate finish.

Always on My Mind


1 ½ oz ISCO gin

1 oz Cocchi rosa

½ oz Lemon juice

½ oz Simple syrup

¼ oz Elderflower liqueur 

1 Dash Orange blossom water

Egg white

Add all the ingredients into a shaker (Boston Shaker recommended) along with one ice cube. Seal the shaker well and shake until you can no longer hear the ice cube. Unlock the tin, add more ice, lock it well again and shake as if you haven’t shaken it at all yet. Strain and serve up. 

Cheers to dessert cocktails, to ISCO and to spring!