Album of the Week: The Quins – Beech Hill

Beech Hill by The Quins
Beech Hill by The Quins

There are certain acts that artistically go beyond any specific style, and The Quins fit into that exclusive group. The act from East Bridgewater, MA, has a little bit of jam and a smidge of funk to go with a classic rock-influenced alternative sound. Their second album, Beech Hill, is going to be released on Christmas and it’s a showcase of soulful progression. Harmonies are abundant and the combination of James Medaglia’s and Robbie Sturtevant’s guitars carry each song. A joyful feeling is also produced and that’s backed up by both Medaglia’s and Sturtevant’s vocals.

Every band makes a change from their debut to their sophomore album. With Beech Hill, The Quins lean more towards powerpop while their 2014 record, A Tale of Love and Evil, has more of a rock ‘n’ roll edge that incorporates a ton of blues. It’s an interesting musical path to take but the band never strays from their roots. Donny Hayes on bass guitar and Dave Petti on drums provide stellar rhythms, with Hayes also contributing vocal duties for added harmony. This album already makes the anticipation for The Quins’ next release very high.

What separates this decade from all the rest is that bands and musicians can’t trap themselves inside a box anymore. There are thousands of bands for each genre, but only a few from each stick out. That’s why you can’t put a label on The Quins. Of course, they’re a rock band but they add elements to take themselves out of the ordinary. There’s a refreshing quality about that in an age where people think it’s fading away; what’ll never fade away are my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:


With a funky groove comes “Mother Earth,” where Medaglia sings his heart out and there’s a rhythmic sensation that’ll make the body move. “Days” is an excellent example of the powerpop and harmonies previously mentioned; the joint vocals are infectious and there’s a nostalgic vibe conveyed. There’s a bit of a doo-wop aesthetic in “Gunner Bee,” just give it a listen and the senses will get what I’m talking about.

They don’t have any shows announced as of publication, but be sure that The Quins will be playing all over the New England area once the new year starts. In the meantime, looks like Beech Hill could very well be the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for that fellow music fan you love. Make sure to grab a copy of it when it comes out. It’s a little bit of everything and all you have to do is press play.