Abigail Crocker

Abigail Crocker is a journalist and photographer with years of experience covering politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, designers and global thought leaders. She now works as a clinical scribe in hospital emergency departments and will be attending graduate school in the Bay Area of California. In the future, Abigail would like to work as a clinician with a global health organization and document newsworthy advances in medicine through writing and film.

PVDFest to Transform City into Magical Wonderland

Dust off your binoculars, a pair of sturdy walking shoes and a sense of childlike wonder. In early June, 17-foot winged dinosaurs will glide through streets of downtown Providence in search of merriment and new friends. But there’s no need to fear these ephemeral beasts. Close-Act, an arts ensemble from the Netherlands, is behind their […]

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