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Alex Kithes

Air Conditioning and the Climate Crisis: Cooling our homes in a warming world

Rhode Island is heating up. Last year was the hottest on record, and locally, we’ve already seen days in the 80s and 90s. Heat waves and large, irregular temperature swings are pronounced effects of the accelerating global climate crisis. Temperature control in buildings – air conditioning – is globally becoming more necessary for survival during […]

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Are We There Yet?: Stakeholders discuss Governor McKee’s cannabis legalization plan

With 68% of Americans supporting legalization of cannabis, and activists calling for the related criminal justice reforms and broad social and economic justice measures, Rhode Island politicians have taken notice. Senate Majority Leader McCaffrey, in collaboration with Senate President Ruggerio, released a legalization blueprint earlier this session. And Governor Dan McKee is including a plan […]

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Recycling Facilities, But With Feathers: Why backyard chickens were the perfect addition to my urban farm

I’m going to be honest, the inspiration for this piece came to me while I was rummaging through my refrigerator. I grabbed a handful of strawberries, and an enthusiastic thought popped into my head: “Those leafy bits at the top will be a great treat for the chickens later.” Yup, I have a flock of […]

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The Fight to Rescue Rhode Island: An interview with Renew RI coalition chair Monica Huertas

Out of the hundreds of bills submitted to the General Assembly, there’s a package of three bills squarely aimed at affordable housing, local food and green justice zones. They’re called the Rescue Rhode Island Act, and the legislation was drafted by a new progressive alliance, the Renew Rhode Island Coalition. The Coalition is composed of […]

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Ready for Reform: An interview with Representative Michelle McGaw

“I realized that there are many elected officials, my [former] representative included, who ran on a Democratic platform, but did not really represent the Democratic values,” says Representative Michelle McGaw of her decision to run in 2020. “People have had enough of elected officials who ‘go along to get along’ and want representation that is […]

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Ready for Reform: The Progressives Challenging State House Leadership — An Interview with Senator Jonathon Acosta

“If we reform the Senate Rules, then we can create a space where you don’t need a majority to govern; each member of the assembly has equal power to propose and vote on legislation,” says freshman State Senator Jonathon Acosta, who declined to support existing Senate leadership. “I’m committed to advocating for a more democratic […]

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Ready for Reform: The progressives challenging state house leadership — an interview with Senator Tiara Mack

“I think the 2016 presidential election has a lot to do with people getting involved in their communities and learning more about local politics and leaders,” said State Senator Tiara Mack about the progressive wins in 2020. “When the spotlight was on local elected officials who had previously gone under the radar, the voters could […]

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Ready for Reform: The progressives challenging State House leadership — an interview with Representative David Morales

“What our campaign did was center our message on the needs of working families and the most vulnerable. And people saw that we weren’t in it for self-interest, or to be a part of the good ol’ boys’ club at the state house,” says Rep. David Morales about his victory in the polls last November. […]

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Ready for Reform — The Progressives Challenging State House Leadership: An interview with Representative Brianna Henries

“The pandemic had some crippling consequences; one of those consequences was that people were forced to see the shortcomings of their local and national government,” says State Representative Brianna Henries, describing the wave of progressive victories in the State House last year.Henries represents District 64 out of East Providence, an area that includes the city’s […]

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