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Bobby Forand

Getting Creative: Outsider Collective showcases work of artists with differing abilities

Outsider Collective is a newly established non-profit art gallery storefront/studio space located at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket. They currently have 35 artists with pieces showcased at the studio, including paintings on canvas, drawings, framed and slip-sleeved artwork, pillows, mugs, cartoons, poem books, calendars, stickers, t-shirts, buttons and music CDs (debut album of Angry Skull). […]

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Music to Kids’ Ears: Local musician helps lessen the stress of homelessness

Lucy’s Hearth opened as a small overnight shelter in Middletown in 1984. They grew with the needs of the community, expanding and becoming a 24-hour shelter, affiliated with Family Service of Rhode Island and accredited by the Council on Accreditation. They are now in a 9,300 square foot facility to better support families in need.  […]

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Book Review: James Vickers’ In-Between People

The journey can be an incredible adventure, regardless of destination or means. Sometimes there’s an undocumented reason that subconsciously leads someone to embark on an odyssey with no actual plan. These themes are explored by James Vickers in his debut novel, with each chapter label given either “Signs,” Wanderlust” or “Monsters” before the chapter’s title. […]

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Measure of a Man: A is for Awesome supports those with disabilities and celebrates a life

A person’s legacy is often defined after a life lived — recognized by others in hindsight after that life is over, making defining a legacy somewhat bittersweet. Such is the case with John White. John White organized multiple fundraisers. Dubbed “A is for Awesome,” they often took place through multiple days in April (Autism Awareness […]

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Book Review: Alexander Smith’s The Perfect Man and Other Stories of the Supernatural

For his second published work, Alexander Smith packs a plethora of thought-provoking circumstances into seven stories that take up 60 total pages. While each story is short, Smith manages to spin a complete tale, proving that less can be more. He created intriguing story ideas that all encompass other realms of reality, though most of […]

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Unclogging the Drain: New project encourages local citizens to help keep trash out of the oceans

Some of the best benevolent ideas can come from unlikely and unexpected places. A few years ago, Bonnie Combs, marketing director for Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, was crossing a city intersection that was covered with litter. She took note of the quote stenciled on it: “Keep it Clean, Protect Your Water” and took […]

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