Fallon Masterson

Enough with the Stuff!: Give the gift of pandemic-safe adventure

Holiday shopping can be a strain even under the best of non-2020 circumstances. It’s a whole new challenge when you’re the type of gift giver who would rather buy your significant other concert tickets — and finds yourself at a loss when most forms of entertainment face a murky re-opening. But if there’s one thing […]

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From Stage to Screen: Play-turned-film taps into our distrust of government

When Nathan Suher calls the timing of The Assassination of Western Civilization a “curious thing,” he isn’t simply being glib about the state of the world. He’s referring to the release date of his latest directed film, a 1970s-inspired political suspense thriller, filmed entirely in one take.  The movie will premiere online on Sunday, November […]

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Rise Up Together: The Womxn Project to announce their next legislative agenda

We don’t often see legislative agendas announced at the neighborhood bar with a live band. But what would civic engagement look like if, maybe, more were? The Womxn Project calls their approach “artivism” – a partnering of art and activisim to bring about political or social change. Since the non-profit’s inception in 2017, The Womxn […]

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Cheylsea Federle

Cheylsea Federle loves smashing sexual shame. She’s excited about challenging sexual misinformation — and wants you to be, too. As the education and training coordinator for the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH), Federle is an integral part of carrying out the Pawtucket-based non-profit’s core mission of advancing culturally inclusive, medically accurate and pleasure-informed […]

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