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Benefit for the Louvers Frontman at Social Club

In Memory of Edward Henry Andrews of {Eddie and the Louvers} Eddie passed away on December 10th two days after his 29th birthday.

Eddie was a Renaissance man in the punk scene in these parts – frontman for the Louvers, they soaked the floors and walls of many venues around here and brought back the “beer bath.” They were banned from a lot of places, for making a public spectacle, such as the town of Bristol, and a few other local venues too. However, Eddie was totally embraced by places like Jerkys and Club Hell. As frontman, Eddie and the boys’ music was raw, anthemitec drunk rock at it finest. They won a Motif Music Award and split it, on stage, with fellow drunks Chris Evil and the Taints. Eddie was also part of The Butcher Shop, a chopper-building collective that turned out some awesome show-winning rides. Eddie was an expert Volkswagen tuner and shop foreman at Metro Volkswagen. He was always around to lend an ear or a hand when any one had a problem. He was a member of the Fall River Piss Drunks, a group of beer enthusiasts who took in my group of Friend’s and band The Shots and made us so welcome, we considered Fall River our second home. He was a member of the H-F Gentlemen’s  motorcycle association and a great guy. I write this with a very heavy heart. Eddie is only survived by his grandmother and mom, but survived more by the family he built on reputation, with all of these groups of  people above mentioned and the legacy of his music.


PVD Social Club has offered to have his Wake in the form of a good olde shit show on January 7th @8pmwhere we can all make a public spectacle and a proper celebration of his life, and what he meant to all of us, and the music community. There will be a donation of whatever you can spare, so that we can purchase a head stone for our lost brother, the rest of the proceeds will be donated to charity .

In closing, I’m gonna quote Ernst Neubach “Im Himmel gibt’s kein Bier.” In heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here. And because Eddie, Buddha and Crazy Chris are in Heven drinking it all and having one heck of a time. Ride on Brothers.

RIP your freind