Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! What’s a writer to do when his characters come alive?

“I talk to myself, because I answer quickly,” quips grizzled writer Sid (Lawrence O’ Leary) to his three created characters: Sugar! (Stacey Forbes), Blood! (Jami Tennille) and Ace! (Adam Buxbaum). Now as to whether they represent parts of Sid or stand alone as individuals, that is left for the viewer to decide as the creations argue, taunt and tease each other regarding art, religion, relationships and life in the locally produced feature film Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

Its strength lies in its dialogue, and though some sections are weighed down by conversations that belabor the film’s main point – that Sid loathes himself – writer/director Mike Messier and camera operator/editor Tim Labonte keep the pacing quick and the lens moving. They spin us from one conversation to the next with ease, hitting chords that are vulgar, brooding, honest and heartfelt along the way.

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! Is Messier’s first feature length film, produced by Man and a Camera Films and Stand Still Pictures. It was screened at Providence’s Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House on November 10 to a receptive crowd. The filmmakers are currently accepting donations to cover the cost of film festival entry fees. For more information, go to