An Interview with Brian Regan

I conducted an e-mail interview with comedian Brian Regan who will be appearing at the Providence Performing Arts Center on Thursday, May 10. I watched a few of his specials and made a couple of lame references from them in the questions. I put an asterisk next to the questions that use this reference. This just goes to show you that the comedy should be left to the comedians! Read on…

John Fuzek: Do you have a classic routine that you are known for?

Brain Regan: There are several routines people seem to remember: “Stupid in School,” “Donut Lady,” “UPS” and stuff like that.  But when people come to see my live shows, usually I’m doing newer stuff, from the last couple years.
JF: What are your favorite subjects to parody?


BR: I like hitting on behavior.  And donuts.

JF: Have you ever pissed off a person or group?

BR: I don’t think I’ve ever angered anyone.  The closest I’ve come to upsetting someone is when I was onstage in a theater and a woman yelled, “You’ve been on THAT side of the stage more than on THIS side of the stage!”

JF: Are you actually a quiet person, in person?*

BR: I’m very quiet around strangers. But, I sort of fit in with people who know me.  Maybe people who know me wish I was quiet the way I am around strangers.

JF: What is the worst heckling that you have ever received?

BR: I’m fortunate in that I don’t get heckled a lot. What upset more one night than a heckler was a guy who turned his back to me at a comedy club to hit on a woman. I didn’t get into this business to try to entertain people’s backs.

JF: Where are you from?

BR: I’m from earth. Oh, you probably want a more specific answer. I am from Miami, Florida.

JF: Where did you get your start?

BR: I tried comedy a handful of times when I was in college, but my first time in an official comedy club was at The Comic Strip in Ft. Lauderdale (the club no longer exists). The club had an audition night, so I did that many, many, many years ago.

JF: How long have you been doing this?

BR: I’ve been doing this since the early ’80s.

JF: Did you do anything before comedy or to support your comedy?

BR: I had a few jobs when I was young.  I worked as a bag boy, a dishwasher, a salad chef, a carpet cleaner and a cardiologist.

JF: What was your inspiration for going into comedy?

BR: The reason I got into comedy is because it seemed like a cool thing to do with my life.  I like making people laugh.  I’d rather they laugh at how good a comedian I am, than at how bad a cardiologist I am.

JF: Who are your mentors/comic heroes?

BR: There are many people whose comedy I have enjoyed – Johnny Carson, Rodney Dangerfield, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld are some names that come to mind.

JF: Do you currently have a new comedy special or CD/DVD out?

BR: I have a special currently streaming on Netflix called, “Nunchucks and Flamethrowers.”  I will have another stand-up special coming out on Netflix in 2019.

JF: What do your kids think of what their dad does?

BR: I have the greatest kids.  They are proud of me.  And I am proud of them.  One of my favorite experiences onstage is when I looked back and saw my son sitting near the back of the stage laughing.  It meant the world to me.
JF: What does your wife think of it?

BR: Well, I am no longer married.  But my ex is very proud of me too.

JF: What can the RI audience expect at your show?

BR: I guarantee them a seat.  Other than that, there are no guarantees, but I will try to make them laugh.

JF: Are you touring with a support act?

BR: I always have another comedian on the bill.  But I don’t know who will be opening for me on that particular show.

JF: Anything that you would like to add?

BR: A column of numbers.

JF: godspeed! ;-)*

BR: You too!