News Analysis: What Are Your Elected Officials Smoking?

The commission created last year by the Rhode Island General Assembly to study legalizing recreational cannabis has missed its reporting deadline of March 1, 2018, and a possible extension remains mired in disagreement between the two legislative chambers. Proponents want to regulate and tax cannabis for recreational purposes similarly to alcohol. Although the study commission […]

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Lesser-Known Cannabinoids

Most people know about the famous cannabinoids like delta-9-THC and CBD; however, there are many other cannabinoids present in the cannabis plants that people might not know about. And they, too, have therapeutic benefits. Delta-8-THC This lesser-known cousin to delta-9-THC has far weaker psychotropic properties but has amazing anti-nausea and appetite stimulation benefits. Delta-8-THC also connects […]

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ALTernative Facts: Candyman

One of the arguments lawmakers have used to support legalization of cannabis is that taking cannabis away from the drug dealer supply chain will reduce the likelihood that those dealer’s customers will “upgrade” to harder drugs or opiates. Customers buying illegal weed, the argument goes, now have regular contact with a dealer, who is essentially […]

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Compost with a Conscience: Worm Farm in Olneyville Tackles Social Change

It’s a known fact that a worm lacks a footprint. Someone else, somewhere in a warehouse in Olneyville, is attempting to follow this diminutive invertebrate’s example — Frank Mastrobuono, co-owner of Earthly. Frank is an exuberant and intelligent individual with a mission to change how you look at worms, soil and sustainability. According to their […]

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