Mother, May I?: Kids’ worlds are shrinking and it’s no fun — here’s how parents can help

My kids are in mourning. They miss spontaneous playdates with friends. They miss their out-of-state grandparents’ summer visit. They miss their freedom. And because they don’t have the emotional maturity to articulate those feelings, they bubble over in uncharacteristic and inconsolable bouts of tears, random questions that give me glimpses into their psyches and many, […]

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The Air Is There: Interactive art installation at the children’s museum lets imaginations soar

One night this summer, I emerged from the darkness of some club I can’t recall and saw something unusual on Washington Street. Puffy loops of light had been hung on a parking garage. Nylon tubing weaved together, floating above the sidewalk, its flesh illuminated by slow streams of color. It was an unexpected sight against […]

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¡CityArts! “Around the Table” Conference to Take Place August 14 and 15

The ¡CityArts! “Around the Table” conference on August 14 and 15 will offer educators tools for unifying their classrooms through art. The conference is for public school teachers, teaching artists, artists-in-residency, museum educators and others who work with youth. It will follow the six phases of the ¡CityArts! Cycle: connection, creating a safe space, discovery, […]

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Pass it On!: Raising kids to be stewards of the Earth is no child’s play

Parenting in the age of climate change can be overwhelming. As I try to raise my young children to be environmentally conscious citizens, I use the theory of environmental education David Sobel writes about in his book Beyond Ecophobia– we must first teach children to love the earth, then we can teach them to protect […]

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Adventure Within: Stir-crazy kids? Warm weather not coming fast enough? Urban Air Adventure Park has you covered

George Eliot wrote, “Adventure is not outside man; it is within.” At Urban Air Adventure Park (UAAP), just north of Woonsocket in Bellingham, Mss, it is both, depending on whether you are child or caretaker of said child. Part trampoline park and part ninja warrior playground with an arcade, rock climbing wall and dodgeball court, […]

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Trinity Rep Kicks Off the Season with a Free Party

Trinity Rep invites the theater community to its annual season kick-off party to be held this year on Sunday, Sep 10, from Noon – 7pm. The event is open to the public with free admission. In a significant change from prior years, most of the event will take place outdoors on Adrian Hall Way immediately […]

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Monday, Aug 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse: RI Viewing Activities

WARNING: Looking directly at the sun can PERMANENTLY DAMAGE your eyes up to and including total blindness, so special protection is needed. Ordinary sunglasses are not sufficient. Even severe eye damage may not be noticeable until a day or two later, like sunburn to the retina. The solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017, visible […]

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