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420 Events

RI doesn’t really have much in the way of significant 420 events (hint-hint, pre-legalization party planners…) Here’s some stuff we know about (or that sound promising). 420 Party with Horizon Wireless & Rezin Headz: Presented by 13 Folds Magazine. Music, and most likely the largest collection of advocacy-minded legalization supporters. 8pm, Alchemy, 71 Richmond St, […]

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401 Counterculture: Sandi Andersen and the Dharma Healing Center

Americans have an interesting fascination with their health and well-being from the perspectives of both groundbreaking advances in western medicine, and a continued exploration of alternative medicines and healthy lifestyles hailed by many, scorned by some, manipulated by con men and brought to fruition by the true believers willing to show the way. One such groundbreaking […]

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401 Counterculture: Pawtucket’s Mode Merr

Rhode Island has fast become synonymous with creative small business. You can hardly find a street corner or loft office in the Providence or Warwick area not adorned with the humble and vibrant signs of local-owned businesses selling everything from artisan food to eclectic art and handmade furniture. One such office in Pawtucket holds the […]

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Unconditional Love — 401 Counterculture Talks to Gay Parents To Be

Interview With Tyffaney and Andrea Fonseca   One of the most popular attacks on the legitimacy of gay marriage is the attack on a gay couple’s right to raise a family no different from the traditional (and clergy-approved) nuclear family unit that has long been a hallmark of red blooded Americana, despite its ever dwindling […]

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401 Counterculture: The Thomas Slater Compassion Center

The issues of medical and recreational access to cannabis is no longer the wistful dream of an outlawed minority. It is our reality, our present, and our ticket to a brighter future for a better nation. Despite late-in-the-game, desperate Hail Marys by the fanatics who stand fast on the sinking ship of prohibition, our national […]

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401 Counterculture: The Straight Scoop on Life on the Pole in RI

RI Dancers and Club’s look the other way type of attitude The adult industry in Rhode Island has seen a very challenging 12 months. In August 2013, a 15-year-old girl was discovered dancing with a fake ID at Cheaters, long known to be an establishment of supposed ill repute. In November, undercover journalists documented prostitution […]

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