Mayte Antelo-Ovando

Obituary: Honoring Mike Schiavone, “A legend.”

Michael J. Schiavone (1982-2022), fondly referred to as Mike or Mikey, passed away unexpectedly on February 28, 2022. The obituary written for his funeral services describes music as “his world,” a point reflected in his ever-present and positive impact on the music community in RI. The first band he belonged to was called Demon Spawn. […]

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From Rhode Island to the World: PVD-based musician Avi Jacob goes on his first international tour

Avi Jacob, a self-taught, passionate and determined musician who calls PVD home, is releasing his newest album Naked in spring of 2022. Like his father and grandfather before him, Avi has chosen to pursue art that helps him explore his identity and yearnings, allows his deep emotions to come through and levels critiques of social […]

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The Biggest Festival in the Smallest Town: The Collaborative Presents the 5th annual Warren Folks Festival

When The Collaborative’s executive director Uriah Donnelly talks about the upcoming Warren Folks Festival happening August 28, his excitement and love of all things art shines through. He, along with a small but mighty team, have put together a festival that is counting down the days to burst onto the streets of Warren. If you’re […]

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Back Before the Fall: Anthony Savino’s latest feels like a conversation with a friend

Listening to songwriter Anthony Savino’s voice and guitar feels like sitting down with someone who gets you, who trusts himself, questions society and despite the rollercoaster of uncertainty, provides you with comfort. On July 23, his album Back Before the Fall was released into the ether. It was recorded in early 2020, before he (a former […]

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Forever Onward: Destigmatizing eating disorders and recovery through song

DRENT (Done Right Every Now and Then), a self-described “emotional rapper” from Pawtucket, prides himself on constantly improving and meeting new challenges. He released his video and song “The Body Keeps the Score II” on May 18 to mark his 30th day of sobriety from food addiction. He has been very open with his family, […]

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A Different Beat: The Providence Drum Troupe takes it to the bridge

I spoke to David Lee Black (founder/photographer) and Jamie Lyn Bagley (performer/marketing and collaboration consultant) of the Providence Drum Troupe. The troupe uses drums to bring people together in joyful spirit and to connect in a meaningful way, and when I met them, I felt like I had been introduced to a magical group of […]

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Creating Unity in Community: Roz Raskin on adapting to pandemic life

In Motif’s March and April editions I highlighted the virtual experiences of Rhode Island musicians Dylan Block-Harley and Chachi Carvalho. In this edition, the series concludes with the ever-evolving Providence-based songwriter Roz Raskin, also known as NOVA ONE.   Roz values the creation and strengthening of community and works toward this effort as musician, show […]

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