Lunar Notes

Aries: Seems like everyone is confrontational lately. They’re in your face and you’re in theirs. Some of this has been downright nasty, but the energy is shifting, allowing a little kindness and diplomacy to gain some footing. Folks are open to compromise. Use this opportunity to settle this business once and for all. Taurus: In general, […]

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Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: We Have Some Questions

Simple Questions Phillipe and Jorge may not have old-school, Brylcreemed, part-it-on-the-side Ivy League haircuts, and are not as scrubbed-up and bright and shiny as Hillary’s political advisors, but we can probably give her better input on how to run a campaign than her control freak know-it-alls. How about starting out each day by asking the […]

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Pick Your Monster!

As each Halloween approaches, the twisted winds of fall urge us to plan our special insert of monsters. Space constraints prevent us from putting all the monsters in the insert. We thought this year, we’d let you, our readers, decide which will be featured. So, in what may be the strangest pageant going in RI […]

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FabNewport: “Make Your Life”

Education comes in many different forms and not every student learns best in a classroom setting, according to Steven Heath, executive director of FabNewport, a private non-profit organization that seeks to bring the “maker culture” to youth. “We are born to learn. If you put a 2-year-old on the floor you don’t have to teach […]

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