10 Things Every Rhode Islander Must Do

Every county, state, and region of the country has its own unique quirks, phrases, vocabulary and recipes, but few offer up as insulated a culture as Rhode Island. If there’s anything Rhode Islanders love, it’s being Rhode Islanders. Studies show that 98% of people born in Rhode Island never leave! (Just kidding, that’s not true.) […]

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Phillipe and Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: I-195 Backdoor Dealings, Lessons from Trump, ecoRI Turns 6, and Mark Weiner Soothes a Bad Dream

Backdoor Curveball  As more and more people turn out to the public forums and discussions to oppose the Pawtucket Red Sox’ proposed Ben Dover Stadium in Providence, what is happening behind the scenes with the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission may warrant much more public — and official — scrutiny. It’s not a big stretch to see Our […]

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Alt-Nation: Handsome Pete, Beach House and Lincoln Tunnel

Handsome Pete’s Birthday Shitshow – The Funcrushers – Self-Titled CD Release (75orLessRecords) Longtime local music fixture Handsome Pete Lima’s annual birthday never fails to live up to its billing. This year will be no exception as it includes a self titled CD Release for Lima’s surf rock band, The Funcrushers, who no longer exist. His […]

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