Celebrating Dear Old Dad

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You may have cracked a cold one with the boys on Saturday, but on Sunday, the opportunity arises to take a sip with your old man or that father figure in your life. While you can always throw a cookout with charred burgers, there are plenty of Father’s Day alternatives that will ensure your dad will always remember (or not remember; I’m not judging), that one day of the year set aside for him. Here are 5 options for different types of dads:

Catch a game: What’s better than bringing your pops to a Paw Sox game where he can wash away the sorrows of his work with overpriced Narrys and cheap-ass hot dogs? Once he’s enjoying himself, coax him into buying you a couple of beers; it’s the little things that count.

Go fishing: I’m sure you’ve heard the line, “Whoa, looks like we have a big one,” dozens of times if your dad thought himself a bass pro when you were younger. On Father’s Day, bring him to his favorite fishing spot and enjoy as he spends his whole afternoon cursing that he can’t catch anything.

Act sophisticated in an art gallery: Go to any of the numerous artsy streets in Providence and I guarantee you that there will be a gallery on display that your art-guru of a father will want to tour. When you’re done being pretentious there, go get a macchiato and all-organic muffin from some solar-powered bakery that only uses “farm-fresh” ingredients from one small town in Oklahoma.

Tee time: To cap off a great Father’s Day after a good cookout with Nance, the kids and the pooch, take your old man out for a round of golf on the green. If the day is not on par, you guys can just settle your losses and drink the night away. If you’re feeling lucky, buy a round of shots with your dad’s credit card. Just make sure he isn’t looking.

That does it for Father’s Day. If your old man is discontent with the ideas on this list, do the ol’ “threaten to put him in the nursing home when he’s older” gag. I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it.