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Andrew Darosa

The Newport Yachting Center Lives on in East Providence

Let’s throw the clocks back and reminisce about the Newport Yachting Center, which became the epicenter of music and cultural activity on the Newport Waterfront. Unfortunately, in September 2014, the center was sold due to various complications within the community, specifically noise. The following summer, Waterfront Productions, which previously operated the Newport Yachting Center, came up […]

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Big Nazo Rockets into PVD Fest

“Oh look, there’s a human-fly wearing a tutu.” “Did you miss the bio-mech giraffe?” “How about the rat-faced comedian, Ratso, with a larger-than-life personality?” These characters aren’t a result of a bad acid trip, rather, a creative renaissance called Big Nazo for filmmaker and performer Erminio Pinque. Established in 1987, Erminio has built an empire […]

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