No Stopping the Chrome Demon: Demon Chrome releases their first album

The new (and first) EP from Providence’s Demon Chrome, tilted Burned By Love is a must listen. This four-song album brings the fury and the fire with their perfect blend of ’70s hard rock and British heavy metal stylings. The attack is flawless — amazingly executed solos and tasty riffs are only rivaled by strong lyrical content delivered with clean vocals.

This album is a non-stop party from start to finish with killer singalong parts for those of us cast under the spell of rock and roll. The first song, titled “Tactile Response Deployment,” starts with a somber acoustic intro and jumps right into a heavy hitting view of our days to come … for a doomsday apocalypse seems to be on the horizon. While this song’s lyrics may not sent you to your happy place, the unrelenting beat will have you checking your speedometer.

“Half past Midnight” is the album’s second and very relatable track. It describes that all-too-familiar feeling of staring at the clock with its tick tock to remind you that you are alone.


Song three is the title track, “Burned by Love,” and it speaks to me. This song is delivered with all the appropriate feeling it should be approached with.

“Chrome Demon” is the final track and my favorite on this four-song banger. It’s a song about running free and letting nothing stand in the way of your right to stand up and shout. It’s a fast-driven call for freedom — the freedom to rock!

I give this welcomed addition to my musical arsenal a big horns up. Give it a listen on or better yet, get your hands on a hard copy of this release and do not miss any chance to see these guys live. Follow them on Facebook at