Party Pigs, Kids, Party Pigs!

party pigsSo I finally got a Friday off, and decided to go see Melt Banana at AS220 on Empire Street. If you’ve never been to AS220, it’s half art gallery and half bar, with artists lofts upstairs. The bar has a great selection of beers and booze.

Enough about their watering hole, and on with the music …

As much as I wanted to see Melt Banana, I was happy to find The Party Pigs were in the line-up. Friday night and Party Pigs sounds fun, right? Well indeed it was.
Party Pigs music is just that — party music. Now I know some of you may think of party music as strobe lights, glow sticks and stuffed animal backpacks with pacifiers attached. If you do, this is not your band! With songs such as “LetsGit!”, “Cut the Cord” and “Back of My Head,” you know you are in for a treat.
Party Pigs consist of two guys from Providence. Well, Chris is from New York, but has been in Providence long enough to be called one of our own. They are a blend of rock, noise and seemingly studied chaos. This two-piece consisted of drums and a guitarist. Matt Trap is on drums and vocals and Chris Annunziato is on guitar and vocals. So after their set, I grabbed Chris for a beer and a shot. He prefers Guinness and whiskey or silver tequila, if you are out and want to buy him a shot. The two of them have played together for a little over three years, and there have been special guests here and there, but nothing steady.


When asked how they came up with their songs, I was told the process was very laid back and drama-free. These two guys get together for beers and practice twice a week no matter what. And yes, sometimes it is more beers than practice but hey, a nice cold one can get the party juices flowing, or so I’m told.

Everybody in the room seemed to be there for the same reason — to rock out and enjoy some music with some great Providence people. And the energy was pulsating. While this show did sell out, you will have plenty of chances to enjoy the Party Pigs in action. If you like it a little heavy, a little sweaty, and a little local, Party Pigs will not disappoint.

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