HxC: Mariachi El Bronx



Hardcore Punk Meets Mariachi

I usually talk about shows I’ve been to, but this time I’m telling you about a show I’ll be attending in the very near future. Friday, March 28, you will find me Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel located on 79 Washington street in Downcity Providence.


“Well that’s not too out of the ordinary,” those of you who know me might say. True, because I work there. This night might be just a little different though, because I will be enjoying a side project (gone big) of one of my favorite bands.

That’s right, I’m talking about Mariachi El Bronx! This band is made up of all the members of The Bronx plus a couple more musicians to make for a full mariachi sound and experience.

The Bronx has been around since 2002, but this mariachi version didn’t come about till 2008 and their first album did not get released until 2009. The awesome thing about this version is that it is far different in sound and approach than The Bronx or any of singer Matt Caughthran’s other bands or side projects. While it combines the authenticity of traditional mariachi music in soul and passion, by being sung in English it lends itself to be heard and embraced by those of us (like me) who are not fortunate enough to have learned how to speak or understand Spanish. I find it brave for a hardcore punk band to try to push the so-called boundaries and limits of music in what I think to be a very closed-minded market.

Not only did they push boundaries, they busted them wide open out of the gates, and are having great success with what started out as a fun side project that they were not even sure would be accepted.

So if you like great song writing and super talented musicians who can transport you into the song while making you dance without a care of who’s watching, then I suggest you get down to Lupo’s early for this one. They will be going on at 8pm sharp, so don’t miss it!

And if you haven’t already, check out The Bronx, Bullet Treatment and The Drips.

See you at the show! Cheers.