Hail, Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll! Prom in July

From Punk to Funk to Hard Rock at Dusk

Here’s where it’s at, kids! The Gentleman Sound System is presenting their second Prom Show, and this year it’s a little different. This year, DJs Tom Butts, Miles (aka Skunk), Suicide King and a couple TBA guest DJs will be spinning a vast collection of hits spanning more than just the ’80s music scene they usually cover. This year they will cover everything from punk, metal, OI!, funk ‘hard rock’ ska, and rap to everything in between.

But on top of this amazing group of DJs killing it as usual, also performing is Nailer, a multi-level slash textured sleaze band from RI with a couple of twists. Sleaze rock is the bastard child of heavy metal, a musical genre that has almost as much to do with attitude as music. The music itself is rebellious, aggressive and downright nasty. The PMRC hates it, as do your parents. They are at the top of their game when playing incredibly loud, abusing drugs and alcohol, and having sex with your daughters or wives. Their long hair that looks like it’s been washed with used motorcycle oil, black leather jackets and tight pants, and tattoos proudly displayed from head to toe are all trademarks of Nailer. They truly are the outlaws of rock ‘n’ roll.

Manning the engine room on drums is Brutus Gash, a longtime gun for hire in the New England music scene with a backbeat that combines the best of Krupa, Bonham and Aldridge. His favorite pastimes are Bud Light and Marlboro Reds. Bringing the Thunderous Bottom End is Marky RÖkker. This dude knows what time it is and the time calls for some serious rhythm. Coming from the Dirty South of RI, he’s looking for some cheap thrills and fast ladies. The Riffmaster General (aka Big Bad John) wailing on the lead guitar while providing some sweet backup vocals hails from the sleazy bordertown of Attleboro, Mass.. To get the true ’80s metal sound, you need an axemaster from that time period and he is the perfect time capsule! Fearless leadership is provided by the formidable Adam Bomb, bringing the outrageousness straight outta South Central Los Angeles. This tattooed wildman is a combination of David Lee Roth, Jim Dandy and Paul Stanley. With that wicked Flying V of his, he leads Nailer to slaying the New England crowds.


NAILER played their last show on August 6, 2013, and will reunite annually to decimate the crowds and show all the lesser bands how to RAWK! So clear your calenders, because on July 31, Nailer and Gentleman Sound System invade Dusk on 301 Harris Ave. in Providence to ensure that everyone who is in attendance leaves with their minds blown and a longing for the return of Gentleman Sound System and the almighty Nailer. Prepare thyself!