HxC: Adrenochrome Live

adrenoAdrenochrome is a new band that has been generating a lot of buzz in a short amount of time. The metal group consists of  guitarist Evan Barone (ex–Usual Suspects), veteran drummer Rob Cinami  (ex-Rhythmafia, Usual Suspects, Gut Bucket, Over-Fiend), and newcomers guitarist Tayte Leigh and vocalist Josh Watkins. All the bands performing the night I went to see them were great (Mechanical Process/Overwith/Scourge), but you could feel the anticipation for Adrenochrome as they took the stage at Simon’s. These guys were so pumped they almost started playing before the soundmen had a chance to do a level check! And then it begins, pushed back by the sheer force, the band rips into two songs back-to-back Ramones style –“Bleed The Myth,” a fast-paced headbanger and the sonically brutal “Natural Restoration.” The crowd’s reaction to the onslaught of rhythmic aggression was met with a roar of applause, screams and shock. Vocalist Josh is very humble in his response, “Thank you, thank you guys so much. You guys are awesome,” immediately followed by another two-song barrage: the groove-laden “Consumed/Destroyed” and the death-thrash number “Game Of Life.”
Adrenochrome is still very musical in their abundant tempo shifts. It kind of reminds me of old school Candiria meets Morbid Angel mixed with Slayer. Somehow they pull it off in a good blend of new meets old.
Then came another two songs in rapid fire mode, this time with the title track from their December 2013 EP. “New World Slaughter” was obviously a crowd favorite, but the politically charged “Corporate Insurgents” seemed to raise the bar. The band briefly paused to thank the bands, club and patrons again and to hop some free swag to the club goers, and then closed the set with possibly their heaviest track of the night “Dead Breed,” a no nonsense pummeling of the senses. Guitarists Tayte and Evan oozed pure anger in their riffs while Rob laid down weirdly monstrous beats. Josh’s guttural vocals spit lyrical bile upon the Simon’s crowd like lava. And then it ends, like the abrupt  jerking motion of a car crash. The onlookers explode in appreciation, guitars thunder with feedback and the drummer violently throws his sticks down and turns his back like a fighter after a flash knockout. Adrenochrome left the stage. Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll, my friends!
You can download Adrenochrome’s A New World Slaughter EP free at