Eating Cthulhu

In honor of Lovecraft’s birthday and this weekend’s Necronomicon, we thought we’d look at some of H.P.’ s monstrosities and turn the tables. The dinner tables, that is. While traditionally his ancient beings eat us helpless mortals, these images show that we can also consume them.

Thanks to Dori Blacker, who actually created the cake and cookies, and William Deleo of and Theo Callahan of I get it, who presented the pie.

Finally, a couple of fun links follow the photos.


Cthulhu Cookies
Is that an old one in your cookies?
HP Lovecraft Cake
Eat me
feeling crusty? – It has your cake and it’s eating it too. – Not the wurst idea we’ve seen. – Cthulhu will squash you.

Food Trucks: