Election Night Drinking Game

160926-drinking-gameHow to keep your spirits imbibed when Nov 8 rolls around:



  • Every time a state goes to Trump: Take a sip of your Bud or Yeungling.


  • Every time a state goes to Clinton: Take a sip of your dirty Margarita.


  • Every time the pundits call a state “too close to call”: A shot (or an Indecision Amber Ale, if you can find one)


  • Every time a statistician comes on to explain how easily hacked voting machines are: A shot. There’s one called a “Mind Eraser.”


  • Every time a commercial interruption features smiling happy people under a monotonous voice describing horrific medication side-effects: Pop a pill.


  • Every reference to a huuuuge wall: Tequila shot.


  • Every reference to illegal emails: A “Four Horsemen” shot..


  • Russian spies? You guessed it – vodka!