Emeline Easton Captivates Motif Theater Award Audience

emmyThink back to when you were 18. Maybe you were watching your GPA fall in your first semester of college (sorry Mom and Dad) or working hard in order to purchase that used 1992 Cutlass Ciera from that shady car dealership two towns over.

Though for Emeline Easton, a singer-songwriter and actress from Providence, being 18 is another step into the realm of stardom.

Releasing her first single, “Inside Out,” back when she was 14, Easton has quickly grown to prominence in the alt-pop scene of Providence.


Easton’s quirky and fiercely enigmatic vocals provide the distinctive element to her live performances and prove that charting on the Top 100 on iTunes with her single, “You,” wasn’t accidental.

Case in point was her performance at this year’s Motif Theater Awards, sharing the bill with Kaya Stewart, daughter of The Eurythmics’ David Stewart.

Easton came out with purpose during her 20-minute performance, which included various pieces from her upcoming self-titled EP, set to release in January 2017. Quite noteworthy about her appearance was her cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” which was beautifully haunting coming from the pipes of an 18 year old.

Don’t think that is impressive enough? Easton has already starred in independent films and shorts, including Siren and Band Girls, and is in the process of filming a brand new short.

Easton also is no stranger to local theater, with appearances in productions ranging from The Gamm Theatre to the Trinity Repertory Company. Not bad for a girl who played the lead role of “Annie” at 9 years old.

Keep up with Easton on social media to find upcoming local shows and possibly a single or two before the release of her upcoming EP this January.