Featured Contributor October 2022: Maddie Jarvis

Maddie Jarvis, a recent graduate from Roger Williams University, has always had a love for reading and writing. From a young age, she was crafting up fun little stories to write, or she was busy reading fun little stories that would later inspire other, well, fun little stories. She continued this love for reading and writing by studying history in college, with focuses in public and professional writing, and art and architectural history.

Within her studies, she hit a groove in colonial America, which led her to write a 70-page senior thesis on colonial sex crimes in Puritan America. Is that an area people think to look into? Absolutely not. Will Maddie spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to explain it to people because she thinks it’s cool? Absolutely. 

With such an aggressive enjoyment of reading, Maddie often tends to go a little crazy whenever she walks into a Barnes & Noble. If she can manage to leave the bookstore with less than 6 books in her basket, hell hath frozen over. When she’s not busy reading or being a cat mom, Maddie can be found slinging chowder at her restaurant job, catching a new movie in theaters, or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.