Funny Please, Cause We All Need a Laugh

If there’s one thing we can say about 2017 it is this: We are going to need a laugh. A new group on the scene is hoping to do just that. Funny Please, based out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, is brand new to the sketch comedy scene, but with a troupe made up of stand-up comedians, they are no strangers to making audiences laugh! This Friday, January 13, the sketch comedy group will bring their brand of comedy to Firehouse 13. The comedy troupe consists of Massachusetts residents Tegan Flanders, Stephan Rose, Rhodes Pierre, James Martin, Jason Fumo, Derrick Cabral, and Stephen Norton, each one with a diverse resume.

This past summer the group formed thanks to group member Tegan Flanders needing to fill 45 minutes of comedy at the Maderas Wine Festival. Rather than steal the spotlight for himself, he called on two of his friends, Rhodes Pierre and Stephan Rose, to develop sketch comedy for the event. Since then the group has expanded to include Martin, Fumo, Cabral and Norton. They also have  expanded to the small screen with a public access show that already has two episodes under its belt. When asked to explain what people can expect at a Funny Please show, Pierre described their brand of comedy as “quirky fun. We tailor it to the venue and event. The Firehouse is the ‘I have a dream’ show.” Typically their shows run two hours, and although they can offer family-friendly entertainment, the show on the 13th is not intended to be family-friendly. 

The show at the Firehouse is their first Rhode Island appearance; however, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this group in the future.  


Funny Please airs on Cox Channel 13, or 32 on Verizon on Mondays at 10:30pm. If you want to catch this act live, head down to Firehouse 13, 41 Central St, PVD on Jan 13 at 8pm.